June 23rd, 2024

Kinettes receive provincial, city funding for park upgrades

By Mo Cranker on June 26, 2018.


Kinette Club members, city representatives and MLA Bob Wanner gathered at Kin Coulee Park Monday afternoon to hand out some cash to the Kinette Club.

The club recently announced it was receiving funding from the Community Facility Enhancement Program grant, and that the city would be matching the grant to help with renovations of Kinette Corner.

“We’re really excited to receive the CFEP grant,” said Kinette Corner chair Raquel Hepworth. “We now have a $250,000 project on our hands to update different parts of the park.

“We’re going to be renovating the Kinette Kitchen, we’re going to make a gazebo sitting area beside the park area and we’re going to be adding benches and some other things to make the park more wheelchair accessible.”

Hepworth says making the park more accessible was a major driving force behind the renovations.

“We want it to be an area that everyone can use and everyone can rent out without limitations,” she said. “Over time we heard people’s issues with the area and it’s now time to bring it more up to date and for everyone.”

The original grant comes from the province, and Wanner says the Kinettes are a very worthy cause.

“It’s another example of where we’re adding value to a community with partnerships,” he said. “The Kinettes have been in this community for a long, long time. Accessibility and mobility issues are a particular interest of mine, and I think it will be money well spent at the park.”

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