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Fundraiser for local boy with kidney failure taking place this weekend

By Mo Cranker on June 25, 2018.

Southern Riders for a Cause president Bob Dimmer and vice-president Craig Anhorn stand for a photo with Children's WIsh chair Donna Serr and Wish Child Ryley Bustamante-Pollard Thursday, June 21, 2018. The riders will be holding an event next week in support of making Ryley's wish come true.


The Southern Riders for a Cause are holding an event this week in support of a local boy’s wish to go to Comic-Con next year.

Ryley Bustamante-Pollard was born more than nine weeks early and had a heart attack shortly after birth. The medications he took to help his heart did severe damage to his kidneys. Now at 15 years old, Ryley is set to have a kidney transplant in August.

The riders will be holding a Bikes and Bands weekend at the Irvine Campground from June 29 to July 1 in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation, which will help Ryley get to Comic-Con, a comic festival held every year in San Diego.

“There’s a lot going on over the whole weekend,” said group president Bob Dimmer. “There’s going to be live music, a 50-50 draw, silent auctions, a steak dinner and a lot more, really.”

“We’re pre-selling tickets right now, and they’re a little cheaper if people buy early.”

Ryley says he wants to cosplay as his favourite super hero at Comic-Con.

“I want to go to Comic-Con because I’m a big fan of comics,” he said. “I will dress up as Flash when we go.”

Ryley is currently home schooled because he has to take long naps in the middle of the day, and cannot eat any sugary or processed foods. Currently his kidneys function at less than five per cent.

“It’s something we knew we’d have to do eventually, because the only way we could get his heart going was with medicine that damaged the kidneys,” said Ryley’s mom Nati. “It’s just happening a little sooner than we had thought it would.

“The procedure he is having done is a new one, and it actually keeps his kidneys and just adds a third, so he’ll have three going forward.”

Nati says the support means the world to the family.

“It’s a different lifestyle,” she said. “After the surgery we’re going to be living in Calgary for a number of weeks.

“There’s a lot of travel involved, so any sort of support we can get is great — especially if it’s making Ryley’s wish come true.”

Anyone looking for tickets can call Dimmer at 403-866-8135.

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