June 22nd, 2024

City crews continue cleanup

By Gillian Slade on June 13, 2018.

Medicine Hat News

Cleanup after Saturday’s storm continues with an inventory of some of the damage now available.

A total of 20 trees on city property were lost. Exactly how many were damaged on private property is not known.

In a number of areas, including Crescent Heights, crews have had to sweep up debris strewn around parks and on roads.

The city was still using eight crews working eight-hour shifts to address the storm cleanup on Tuesday.

In three cases, arborist crews will be focusing on large downed trees. Five crews will clean up parks and roads of smaller debris and branches, as well as report any hangers or dangers.

All sports fields are accessible for use again.

The parks and recreation department is managing the cleanup without having to bring in additional contractors, a press release stated.

Contractors may be used afterward to transport debris to the landfill if necessary.

In spite of the significant workload, cleanup crews have not reported any injuries.

Utility line crews are still repairing damaged infrastructure including pole replacements and line repairs, the City stated in a press release on Tuesday.

The public is asked to keep back from crews and give them room to work. Many hazards, including high voltage and heavy equipment, pose a danger to those in the work zone.

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