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Local APEGA donates $10K for MHC scholarship

By Peggy Revell on May 29, 2018.

Said Yussuf, past-chair of APEGA Medicine Hat, speaks Monday about the $10,000 donation the local organization has put forward to provide $2,000 scholarships for five years in a row to students in Medicine Hat College's university transfer engineering program.--NEWS PHOTO PEGGY REVELL

Medicine Hat News

Future engineers from Medicine Hat are being given an academic boost, as the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta Medicine Hat has pledged $10,000 for a scholarship at Medicine Hat College.

“We worked hard for this scholarship, the branch is really proud of it. It’s one of our biggest accomplishments so far,” said Yussuf, past-chair of APEGA Medicine Hat branch — on top of the other work APEGA does in the community, such as running the annual Science Olympics.

The $10,000 grant will be broken down over five years into a $2,000 scholarship for a student enrolled in the university transfer engineering program.

Approximately 25 students were enrolled in this program this past academic year, with their first year spent at MHC — and then transferring on to university to complete their engineering degree.

The qualification to apply includes being active in the promotion of engineering and geo-science in the community, said Yussuf, as well as good academic standing.

This scholarship is a significant amount of money from APEGA foundation, he said, but the organization is excited to be able to do this as a way to provide financial assistance to students.

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