August 17th, 2018

Integra Air stops flights from Medicine Hat to Edmonton

By Gillian Slade on February 9, 2018.

A lack of clientele and the upcoming airport closure for most of May has forced Integra Air to end its Medicine Hat to Edmonton flights.  @MHNGillianSlade

Integra Air has stopped its scheduled flights from Medicine Hat to Edmonton.

“Today is the last flight for a period of time. I don’t know how long that period of time is going to be,” said Adam Kiess base manager Medicine Hat on Friday.

“It’s terrible news,” said Mayor Ted Clugston.

A combination of things factored into the decision to stop the twice daily flights Monday to Friday.

“The lack of clientele, the numbers are just not sustainable, and the airport closure is another one” said Kiess.

The Medicine Hat airport will be closed completely for 24 days in May to rehabilitate the main runway and taxiway pavement surfaces.

The airport closure will be “harsh” for Integra Air, said CEO John Macek in November last year when the closure was revealed.

Integra’s pilots have been “re-tasked” to other areas of the company, said Kiess.

Integra has a number of employees whose work involves refueling aircraft and other ramp services. While the airport is closed there would be no need for these services and no revenue at all. At this stage it is unclear how those employees will be affected.

“We are still trying to sort that out,” said Kiess.

Integra Air has almost completed a new hangar for storage of items used for re-fueling and de-icing of aircraft.

“The ground services side of the company is still here,” said Kiess.

With the airport closure period in May and then WestJet commencing scheduled flights out of Medicine Hat this summer it is not clear how that will all play out of Integra, said Kiess.


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