September 25th, 2018

Calgary weather causes Air Canada flight cancellations in Medicine Hat

By Tim Kalinowski on December 21, 2017.

According to Medicine Hat Regional Airport manager Jeff Huntus, the reason Air Canada cancelled its midnight flight to Medicine Hat on Tuesday, and its first flight of the morning Wednesday, was due to weather issues in Calgary.

“Because of the weather in Calgary, Air Canada has been having difficulties getting their commuter flights in and out,” Huntus confirmed. “I know there have been several flights cancelled.”

Huntus added the ground and weather conditions in Medicine Hat were not a factor in those cancellation decisions.

“In terms of the airport here, we are operational,” he said. “Our runways are cleared, and our weather has been pretty good. The issue, from what I understand, is getting in and out of Calgary because of heavy snowfall and de-icing line-ups.”

Huntus did express sympathy for anyone who might have had their flight cancelled to or from Medicine Hat, and may now be finding it difficult to re-book.

“This is a very busy time of year,” stated Huntus. “If you are flying into Calgary and connecting to Toronto, Vancouver, whatever, the flights are full. There is just no capacity left.

“Some might think airlines just have planes sitting around, and they can throw people on them, but, unfortunately, that’s not the reality … It is just very difficult to get a seat out of here.”

The News tried to contact Air Canada’s operations centre in Medicine Hat, but received no reply prior to press time.

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