June 24th, 2018

Stopanski up for release this weekend

By admin on December 9, 2017.

NEWS FILE PHOTO A memorial wall with hand written messages from classmates of Amy Lewis is displayed at Medicine Hat College.

Medicine Hat News

The man who killed 23-year-old Medicine Hat College student Amy Lewis is up for release this weekend.

Reported first by Global News Calgary, Jerrison Herve Stopanski, 39, is eligible for statutory release on Saturday.

Upon release, Stopanski will have to abide by multiple conditions. They include reporting any intimate relationships he has with women to his parole officer, avoiding sex trade workers and avoiding contact with anyone in Lewis’ family.

If he fails to follow these conditions, he will end up back in custody.

According to News archives, Stopanski admitted to killing Lewis in agreed statement of facts in 2012.

Stopanski admitted to killing Lewis sometime during the early morning hours of June 12, 2012, in the hours after the two met.

In coming to his decision, Justice Rodney Jerke told the court, “there is more to this story than we know now,” but outlined the precedent for manslaughter sentencing. Namely, the Dr. Abraham Cooper case, in which the man was convicted by a jury of killing an associate, Dr. Doug Snider, in Fairveiw, Alta. in 1999, despite the lack of a body.

Stopanski’s sentence ends in August 2019.

With files from Global News Calgary.

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