September 26th, 2018

Police hope public can help nab bank robber

By Tim Kalinowski on November 11, 2017.

Medicine Hat police are asking for the public’s help to identify an armed individual who robbed the ATB Financial branch on Division Avenue N. Thursday evening. The MHPS released surveillance footage of the robber with the hopes someone might be able to identify him.

“A lone male entered the bank at about 5:45 p.m., brandished a weapon and demanded cash,” explained S-Sgt. Cory Both. “He then fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash. From surveillance videos and witness descriptions we got a thorough description of him. Obviously the male was bundled up in winter gear, and any features were hidden from view. We do know from witness descriptions he is about 35-45 years old, and approximately 5-foot-7. He was dressed in dark, winter gear and wearing sunglasses.”

Early reports suggested some kind of firearm was used in the robbery. S-Sgt. Both said the MHPS would not confirm that detail.

“We can’t confirm what kind of weapon it was,” he stated. “The suspect did brandish a weapon, but the exact type is not going to be disclosed to protect the integrity of the investigation.”

MHPS investigators were canvassing the area around the bank on Thursday and Friday to see if other businesses nearby might have additional video footage of the suspect.

“They are canvassing all the businesses in the area to collect as much video surveillance as they can, and we are doing neighbourhood inquiries to produce more witnesses,” said Both. “And with our media release, we are asking the public to call into our web and phone tip lines with any information they might have about suspicious people in the area.”

According to Both, the nature of the crime is concerning.

“Any time a weapon is brandished it causes us more concern because we know from historical robberies, the bank’s going to give what they are going to give with a lot less intimidation and force being used,” he said. “When they step it up, like this individual did, it really demonstrates an escalation in the willingness to commit violence to (responding officers) — so it is concerning.”

To provide information about this crime call 403-529-8481or visit the MHPS website and access the online tip line.

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