June 23rd, 2018

No significant injuries after cyclist, vehicle collide in crosswalk

By Gillian Slade on September 13, 2017.

NEWS PHOTO GILLIAN SLADE A traffic incident involving a cyclist had EMS and fire crews responding to the scene shortly after 8 a.m. Wednesday on Division Avenue in front of Safeway on the hill near the corner of 6th Street SE.

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A young cyclist collided a vehicle on his way to school on Wednesday morning at the intersection of Division Avenue and Sixth Street SE near Safeway on the hill.

A 12-year-old boy was riding his bicycle in the pedestrian crosswalk when he came in contact with a vehicle turning the corner, said Const. Darren Holeha of the Medicine Hat Police Service.

EMS responded to the scene along with police. There were no injuries that required medical attention, said Holeha. The boy was wearing a helmet and the driver of the vehicle was going very slowly minimizing the impact.

According to bylaw, in order to be considered a pedestrian, a cyclist must be pushing his/her bike rather than riding it in a crosswalk, said Holeha.

“We encourage all drivers, with the young kids going back to school, just to be wary of their driving and watch for kids whether they be at crosswalks or sidewalks and for kids to be wearing a helmet when they are on their bikes,” said Holeha.

In the case of the accident on Wednesday charges are pending against the driver of the vehicle for failure to yield, said Holeha. No charges are pending for the cyclist riding in the pedestrian crosswalk.

For those using a pedestrian crosswalk, even if the traffic lights are in your favour it is a good idea to check for traffic first in case a driver has not seen you, said Holeha. It is also a good idea for drivers to observe other traffic before proceeding on a green light.

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