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Tigers scholarship winner has plans to continue with a passion for sport

By Tim Kalinowski on August 30, 2017.


Monsignor McCoy graduate Kelli Bowles is the Medicine Hat Tigers $2,500 scholarship winner this year.

Bowles will be entering the University of Lethbridge this fall to begin her Bachelor of Arts and Science degree. Eventually Bowles hopes to move on to take a Master’s degree in psychology and become a registered psychologist after she graduates.

She is a dedicated athlete who has played ringette the past 10 years. She is grateful to have opportunities to play the sport she loves within Alberta, Canada and even internationally. She will be trying out for the U of L ringette team this fall.

“It’s been a great sport,” says Bowles, “and I have made so many good friends and had such good times. We actually went to Finland this summer to play, and it was amazing. It’s been the absolute best time of my life playing ringette here in Medicine Hat.”

Bowles also hopes to harness her playing experience and psychology degree to seek out coaching opportunities in the future. She got a taste of it this past year at “Come and Try It,” where she saw the value of mentoring younger girls in the sport.

“I want to help teach younger people they can be part of something super special,” says Bowles. “Sport is awesome. It just brings a lot of things to your life like friendship and dedication and leadership. That is super important to pass down to people who maybe don’t have that in their lives.”

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