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MHC will host other schools for advertising competition

By Tim Kalinowski on August 30, 2017.

MHC summer intern Shannon Bergstreser turned her short-term opportunity into an annual, provincial class opportunity for the college. Bergstreser laid the groundwork for next spring's newly minted Southern Alberta Advertising Case Competition which will draw in post-secondary students from all over Alberta.--NEWS PHOTO TIM KALINOWSKI


Medicine Hat College will host its first annual Southern Alberta Advertising Case Competition in March.

The event is expected to draw in teams from about a dozen Alberta post-secondary schools to compete in a head-to-head, no-holds-barred, advertising pitch competition.

“The conference is taking place March 8-10,” explains MHC summer intern and business student Shannon Bergstreser, who was instrumental in designing the initiative. “Students will be working on a ‘real life’ project brief (product) provided by a company we are pursuing for possible sponsorship. The students will have a full day working on a marketing strategy, advertising campaign and a 10-minute pitch presentation. On their last day, they have to pitch their marketing strategy and advertising campaign to a panel of three judges.”

Bergstreser says the experience is intended to push teams to the limit of their creativity and endurance, while at the same providing important career insights.

“Our huge drive for our competition is to provide experiential learning opportunities for post-secondary students,” stresses Bergstreser. “We really want to offer more students opportunities to exemplify their learning outside of the classroom.”

MHC business instructor Miranda Davies worked with Bergstreser on the concept of the competition. Davies feels the potential of such a competition is phenomenal for the college going forward, and admits she was excited to see it coming together throughout the summer.

“We have a fantastic (academic) program, and we have a beautiful campus,” says Davies. “We have an amazing support staff who are really involved and supportive of our students. What we are looking at through (this pitch competition) is having at least 10 different post-secondary schools come on campus. I think a prestigious event like this really highlights what we offer (at MHC).”

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