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Milehigh Tri provides a challenge to athletes

By Mo Cranker on August 14, 2017.

Shauna Cuthbert takes off to tackle the 17.2-kilometre bike course Saturday morning at Elkwater during the Milehigh Tri. --NEWS PHOTO MO CRANKER


Have fun, do your best and move as fast as you possibly can.

These are the main three goals of the Milehigh Tri that took place Saturday at Elkwater.

This year was the seventh annual event, with 46 adults taking on the course Saturday, then 46 children trying on Sunday. Organizer Jack Ward says there is no better place to hold a triathlon than Cypress Hills.

“What you see is what you get,” he said. “It’s a beautiful venue to hold an off-road triathlon. The trail system back in the park is phenomenal for bikers and runners, and of course we have the lake here which adds to that open-water swim. It’s a unique tri and it’s a tough one.”

Contestants began the race with a 500-metre swim in the lake, then once getting out of the water had to tackle a 17.2 kilometre bike ride. The race was then topped off with a seven-and-a-half kilometre run to the finish line.

Ward says all aspects of the race pose their own challenges.

“All three (the bike, swim and run) make it tough,” he said. “The bike is extremely challenging and the run will take them right over the height of the land. This is a three-part event and when you see the participants running over that mountain, you know they’ve spent all their energy.”

Ward says the best strategy for a triathlon is to come prepared for what is tasked in front of you.

“The strategy in a triathlon is to prepare,” he said. “You have to know that you can do it. To know that you can get out after that swim and bike uphill for four kilometres. You have to know you’ll be able to do that.”

With the event, there are many categories.

The fastest overall time of the day was by Matt Ward, who posted a one hour and 46 minute time — winning the men’s 30-39 category.

The fastest ladies team was Team Waves, with a time of two hours and 46 minutes.

Joel Heese took the men’s 40-49 category with a time of one hour and 54 minutes.

Camille Sperling won the women’s 30-39 race and Sarah Robbins won the women’s 50-59 category.

For full results go to, http://www.webscorer.com/race?raced=109182

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