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Environmentally-friendly landscaping at detox centre there for a reason

By Gillian Slade on August 12, 2017.


The landscaping at the Medicine Hat Recovery Centre may look a little unconventional, but it was designed like that for a reason, says Alberta Health Services.

To some people, the long dry grass at Medicine Hat Recovery Centre may look like it was desperately in need of water and a trim but it should be appreciated for its environmentally friendly design.

In addition to tall ornamental grass, the landscaping is designed to be self-sustaining, said AHS spokesperson Sherri Gallant.

Native grasses and plants, which can handle hot and dry weather, were specifically chosen for their ability to grow without gardening care or water.

“It is all about water conservation. There are no sprinklers,” said Gallant.

The boulevards are mown for the aesthetics of the street and then there is an area at the back of the property where the grass is cut. That area though is also native grass so it is cut only to about eight inches high. To cut it shorter would probably result in the grass drying up and even dying, said Gallant.

If we had not been without rain for the last few weeks the grass would be long and green, she explained.

“Some people don’t care for the aesthetics, some do, but basically the motivation was water conservation and sustainability,” said Gallant.

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