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College student has some ideas for Redcliff after completing marketing research internship

By Tim Kalinowski on August 11, 2017.

MHC student Jordan Pomrenke has some interesting proposals on tourism and recreational opportunities in Redcliff when his summer marketing internship comes to an end in a few weeks.--NEWS PHOTO TIM KALINOWSKI


Medicine Hat College summer marketing research intern Jordan Pomrenke has been diving headlong into studying different potential branding opportunities and tourism development in the community of Redcliff this summer.

He presents his final report to town council Aug. 21, but agreed Thursday to give the News a preview of some of his findings.

The first finding Pomrenke discovered, through the use of various surveys and stakeholder meetings, was people in Redcliff seem to be saying they are not interested in finding a new brand. They like being “The Greenhouse Capital of the Prairies.”

“Lots of the feedback we got from the surveys was people were opposed to any sort of rebranding,” he confirms.

However, he also found there were a few areas where people felt the marketing could be bumped up a little bit more.

“Being the ‘greenhouse capital of the prairies,’ there is nothing really to do related to that other than buying produce,” says Pomrenke. “So there is interest in starting some kind of festival or getting greenhouse tours in, and things like that. A local food or farm-to-table event could be something to look at … People also very much like the outdoor opportunities in Redcliff. The walking trails, the trails down by the river and the mountain bike trails that have been put in by the 670 Bike Collective, all the green spaces.”

Pomrenke says some in the community expressed some potential options for enhancement of that outdoor component.

“They have a small 14-site campsite in the community, but down by the river there is a lot of available space to put in another campsite down there.”

Pomrenke also feels one other suggestion he is including in his report may have the potential to put Redcliff on the green energy map: A potential net-zero housing community on the undeveloped east side of town.

“Net-Zero homes are very efficient homes that have some sort of renewable energy component on them, typically solar, which produces as much energy as it uses throughout the year,” he says. “Net-Zero communities are becoming a huge trend. If Redcliff were to do this it would be the only one in the province.”

Pomrenke will present his findings to the Redcliff public at an open house event at town hall on Aug. 22.

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