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Local Scouting troops need leaders at all levels

By Tim Kalinowski on August 9, 2017.


Local Scouts are in desperate need of new leaders, says Neil Ogden, group commissioner of 18 Southview Scouts.

“We usually always have enough youth that register, but trying to find and fill the adult positions in our organization is tough,” he confesses. “Without the leadership there, we don’t have the ability to teach the kids. We have had to turn away youth on a fairly consistent basis in the past because we just don’t have the leadership there, and that’s just not right.”

There are barely more than 300 Scouts, Beavers, Cubs, Rovers and Venturers in Medicine Hat at the moment, but even with this relative few, leaders are still hard to come by. Ogden feels there are still misconceptions about Scouting out there, with people thinking of some of the stereotypes of the past.

“It’s not short pants, knee socks and Stetsons anymore,” states Ogden. “Scouts develops a sense of leadership in the community … We try to get involved as much as we can. We also teach camping skills.”

Ogden has been in Scouting for most of his life, and feels those who give the organization a try will find it tremendously rewarding. The time commitment involved is also not too burdensome, he says.

“A leader runs meetings once a week for about one to two hours. We also have a couple of weekend commitments for camps and getting the kids outdoors. There is about eight hours of leadership training online before you become a registered leader. We have a monthly meeting for leaders to see how things are going. And we have a few special occasions, like Remembrance Day, where we attend.”

Ogden says those who do not have a familiarity with the outdoors or Scouting shouldn’t hesitate to apply for leadership if it is something they are interested in.

“You don’t necessarily need to know outdoor equipment and skills, and we are more than willing to train you to train the youth. It’s fun,” he says.

For more information in local Scouting call Ogden at 403-527-6555.

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