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Good kid, bad deed: Judge sees better future for young man who played part in BB gun damages

By Peggy Revell on July 13, 2017.


Full restitution played a large part in the sentencing of a young Medicine Hat man who destroyed numerous vehicle and residential windows using a BB gun earlier this year.

Brayden Beauchesne’s actions were childish, said Judge Darwin Greaves, sentencing the 21-year-old to 31 months of probation that will focus on paying for the damages he caused.

During his time has a judge, Greaves said he has met some “very bad people.”

“You’re not that, you’ve created a nuisance.”

The charge stems back to March, when police received a report of people shooting out car windows with a BB gun.

Police soon located Beauchesne, alongside a co-accused Kyle Dick and a youth, in a vehicle and in possession of an airsoft pistol. They quickly admitted to what they had done, even telling police the various locations in Redcliff and Medicine Hat where they had been shooting at vehicles and residences.

Beauchesne got “caught up in the moment,” said defence counsel Robert Robbenhaar, about his client’s actions. But he co-operated fully with police once they arrived, providing a full statement.

Beauchesne has always been willing to plead guilty, but the delay has come due to how large the file was. Beauchesne has no prior record.

Restitution of a little more than $12,400 has been requested — of this, Beauchesne will pay back half, through monthly installments of $200.

After reading the victim impact statement, Judge Greaves noted that many people in Alberta “simply have to swallow” the costs of incidents like this, due to high deductibles on insurance.

As well, people have to spend two, three weeks, dealing with having their vehicles repaired.

“That alone is enough to stress people, apart from the economics of it.”

But Beauchesne is not “inclined” to do this sort of thing again, said Greaves, and “figured it out when the police showed up.”

“That’s when bad people usually kick up the worst stink … you’re not that kind of person.”

If Beauchesne pays back the restitution and successfully completes his 31 months of probation, Greaves said he will be granted a full discharge.

Beauchesne’s co-accused, Kyle Dick, also had a brief court appearance Wednesday, with his legal counsel requesting an adjournment to July 19.

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