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Cypress County will soon have updated version of municipal map book ready

By Tim Kalinowski on July 11, 2017.


Cypress County will be launching an updated version of its municipal map book in a few weeks time. The new map book relies on software that provides instant updates to maps as they are inputted; so the map will always be accurate to the day it is printed off or accessed.

County planning supervisor Jeffrey Dowling says it has taken two years of hard work by county staff to get the map book to this point.

“The benefit of this 2017 version, unlike all the previous versions, uses Microsoft Dynamic software, and what we built into in terms of programming, so whenever we get new information or we change something the mapping program changes instantly and automatically.”

Dowling says an up-to-date map is essential for almost every aspect of day-to-day business within the county, used for everything from development permit applications to recreational activities.

“In the fall these map books are very popular amongst the hunters, for example, who want to come in to purchase the map books so they can find legal properties they can go ask permission to hunt on. Oil and gas companies use them for their lease properties in their industry. Farmers use them to identify where their properties are in the county, and to be able to locate other properties.”

The new map books will soon be accessible in pdf format on the county website.

“You can go and actually upload the map and be able to print off of the website,” confirmed Dowling. “It is available to the public for free this way. People can also come in and buy the paper version map book at the county office.”

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