December 3rd, 2021

Afternoon fire does some damage, but causes no injury

By Mo Cranker on July 6, 2017.

A fire burns in Cypress County Thursday afternoon. -- NEWS PHOTO MO CRANKER

Medicine Hat News

A black smoke cloud appeared just off of Highway 3 late this afternoon after a fire started at a property in Cypress County.

According to Cypress County deputy fire chief John McBain the fire appears to have been caused by a faulty battery charger.

“From the home owner’s account, what it’s looking like is a faulty battery charger,” he said. “We’re expecting that it shorted out on the tractor it was charging.”

According to McBain multipel vehicles were damaged in the blaze, as well as one large shed and one smaller shed.

“There was a small shop building, a tractor, a baler and some small vehicles that were impacted by the fire,” he said. “It was a tight space, so it did make it a bit tough for the guys to get at, but we were able to get the job done.”

McBain says no people, pets or farm animals were injured during the fire.

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