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First phase of SPCA fundraising drive complete

By Chris Brown on June 29, 2017.

cbrown@medicinehatnews.com @MHNBrown

Animals and animal lovers in Medicine Hat have more than just Canada to celebrate this weekend.

A last-minute surge of donations following a story in the Medicine Hat News on Tuesday has put the Medicine Hat SPCA over the top in the first phase of fundraising for its Extreme Shelter Makeover campaign.

“We were extremely excited,” said Kristina Segall, vice president at the local SPCA. “The goal at the beginning, it was scary. We thought it was achievable but you don’t know if people are going to do it or not. We’re extremely happy and appreciative that everyone in Medicine Hat stepped up.”

With the SPCA $15,000 away from the $150,000 needed for the first part of construction on renovations to its building, the group earlier this month challenged 150 people to donate $100 before today at noon. The goal was met Wednesday. The remainder of the $150,000 comes from previous donations and grants. The work will start this summer.

A makeover of the holding room, where the animals come in when they’re first dropped off at the shelter, is the first part of the SPCA’s larger plans for renovation of the building and education programs.

“What we want most out of this renovation is the education space to hold tours and teach humane education, which is the ultimate goal of the SPCA,” Segall said.

The SPCA is always taking donations, but the next fundraising drive will be a sort of online lottery currently planned for the fall, Segall said.

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