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Drug trafficker asks for more time in jail to get her life straightened out

By Peggy Revell on June 6, 2017.

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In a rare occurrence, a woman who pled guilty to trafficking cocaine requested that she not be given credit for time spent in pretrial custody.

Krystal Dawn Sawchuk pled guilty to trafficking cocaine and a probation breach Tuesday at the Medicine Hat Courthouse and received a sentence of 22-month penitentiary term. The length of the sentence, and not asking for credit, is so she will have access to specific programs like drug treatment that she feels she needs to get her life on track.

Sawchuk was arrested in early January, as police conducted undercover operations to purchase cocaine through a seller using a certain cellphone number. Police set up a deal to purchase cocaine from this seller, and it was Sawchuk who made the delivery.

An additional five months were added to Sawchuk’s sentence, as she also pled guilty to multiple provincial charges, including possessing stolen property over $5,000, obstructing a police officer, possessing stolen credit card data, and a probation breach.

These stem from a May incident when a patrolling officer noticed a black Mercedes SUV of which Sawchuk was the driver. At the time, there was a warrant for Sawchuk’s arrest. Sawchuk gave the officer a false name, and wouldn’t give her date of birth. She was found in possession of two credit cards that weren’t in her name. The vehicle she was in had been stolen from a private lot in Calgary while the owner was in Ontario.

Save for a theft under $5,000 charge from 2007, Sawchuk— who is in her late 20s — had no criminal record up until October of last year when she pled guilty to stealing $5,840 from a local motel she worked at to pay a drug debt and avoid accusations of being a “rat.” She also entered a guilty plea after purchasing what she knew was a stolen vehicle, and used stolen cheques.

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