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Drug house on Aberdeen Street shut down again

By Medicine Hat News on May 18, 2017.

NEWS FILE PHOTO A second Community Safety Order has been granted for a notorious drug house at 390 Aberdeen St. S.E. The house was first closed for 90 days beginning in September 2016, pictured here at the time. This order grants a 14-day closure of the house, during which time everyone must vacate the property.

A second court order has been granted to shut down a notorious drug house.

Police announced Thursday that a Community Safety Order (CSO) has been approved against the owner of 390 Aberdeen Street SE, which gives authorities the right to fence the property off, board up the house and change the locks. Under the terms of the second order, anyone living in the house — including the owner — must vacate the property and it will remain closed for 14 days.

It’s the second time an order against the residence has been granted — the first was last August after copious amounts of surveillance by police to monitor drug-related activity at the residence, which is across the street from a daycare centre.

On September 7, 2016, the house was closed for a period of 90 days and subsequently returned to the owner in December 2016.

Since the property was returned to the owner, there have been eight calls for service to the residence, police say, two of which were believed to be overdose incidents.

In one instance, police officers were able to assist the patient by administering Naloxone.

The current CSO began on May 11, 2017 and is in effect until May 11, 2018.


‘It’s a disgrace to my family and my mother’

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