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Update: MHPS, Lethbridge Police have long, successful night dealing with dynamite found in resident’s garage

By Mo Cranker on May 6, 2017.

Members of the Medicine Hat and Lethbrdige Police Services responded to an explosives call Saturday evening and used diesel fuel to subdue dynamite found in one resident's garage. -- NEWS PHOTO MO CRANKER

Medicine Hat News

Though it was a long day for members of the Medicine Hat Police Service, the unit’s Explosive Disposal Unit, as well as members from the Lethbridge Police Service were able to make dynamite found in a garage inoperable.

The initial call for service took place around 1:30 p.m. when a family living around the 600 block of 6 St. SW was cleaning out the garage of a family member. The family found what it believed to be a box with dynamite inside of it and called the police for assistance.

“After getting the call and working with officers from Lethbridge we were able to render the dynamite safe,” said Staff Sgt. Brian Christmann.

Christmann says the MHPS was not finished at the scene until 2 a.m. because it needed help at the scene.

“One of the members of our Explosive Disposal Unit is off with an injury right now, and Suffield could not send us help, so we had to call Lethbridge for support,” he said.

The two teams worked together to make the dynamite inoperable by using diesel fuel, a bomb suit and the MHPS’s bomb robot, said Staff Sgt. Jason Graham late Saturday night.

The MHPS was asking that people avoid the area, but it is clear now.

Christmann says if anyone finds what they believe could be an explosive, they should leave it be and call 911 immediately.

There will be no charges laid against the owner of the home.

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