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Classic Loser 7 contestants reach 200 pound mark

By Mo Cranker on April 14, 2017.

The contestants and trainers of the Classic Loser 7 contest pose for a post-workout photo at the Caloric Responsibility gym earlier in the week. The group has lost a collective 200 pounds through eight weeks. -- SUBMITTED PHOTO

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With eight weeks down and four more to go, the contestants of Classic Loser 7 have reached a new milestone.

The group has lost a combined 200 pounds says trainer Todd Schneider, and he says he could not be happier.

“I really do feel like a proud dad,” he said. “It’s been a really good year for the contest, we’re seeing some really committed people that are really shedding a lot of weight and more importantly, starting to change the way they live in a positive way.”

Through seven years of the competition, Schneider says he has seen just about everything, but says this year is offering something different than the previous years.

“This year’s contest has been very unique because of the demographic of people we’re seeing,” he said. “We have some people in their 60s and we have some much younger — it’s going to be an interesting race to the end here.”

As the contest winds down, Schneider says this is the time when the true competitors shine through.

“During this last stretch we will see some people continue to step it up and rise to the task, but we’ll also see some people dodging the scale,” he said. “At this point in time, with so few weeks left, the people who really want to win have to show us.”

The contestants will be selected as winners based their overall health change through the 12 weeks by looking at their total weight loss by percentage, their blood pressure and heart rate comparing them pre-contest and post-contest and by reading an essay on how they will apply what they learned during the Classic Loser contest to change their lives, said Schneider.

“We want to create an even playing field for our contestants,” he said. “By looking at things relative to where a contestant starts, it is the best way to see how much fitter and healthier they are compared to 12 weeks prior.”


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