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Five more cases of bovine TB found, all in same herd as original case

By Medicine Hat News on November 18, 2016.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency investigators have discovered another five cases of bovine tuberculosis in southeastern Alberta. The five new cases come from the same herd in which a single case was discovered last. That herd was quarantined in mid-October. --NEWS FILE PHOTO

Five new cases of bovine tuberculosis have been discovered in southeastern Alberta, according to federal food inspectors, but all within a single herd that was quarantined by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in mid-October.

About 18,000 animals on 36 ranches in Alberta and Saskatchewan are under quarantine after a single case was found at a U.S. slaughterhouse from a cow originating from a Jenner-area ranch.

About 50 federal inspectors and workers are in the area testing and tracing the movements of suspect animals in norther Cypress County, Newell, the Special Areas and southwestern Saskatchewan.

Thus far, testing on about 3,000 cattle has been completed. About 50 reacted to initial test for the disease, and positive evidence was found in five carcasses.

The initial herd has been ordered destroyed, said Dr. Penny Greenwood of the CFIA.

She also says that industry officials are working to create a temporary feedlot in the Jenner region. That would help feed and water the livestock that typically would have been marketed and shipped by this point of the season.

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