October 22nd, 2021

Local Bloggers FAQ

How does it work?
We have a network of independent blogs and websites that are producing content on a number of topics, everything from daily life to sports to the history of southern Alberta. When they post something new, we update our site with a link to the newest content.

What is the role of the Medicine Hat News?
Rather than having all these independent blogs and sites spread out all over cyberspace, we’ve brought them all under one roof, so to speak. We want to make it easy for people all over the world to find out what people from the southern Alberta area are talking about, what makes them think and what makes them tick.

What benefit do member blogs/sites get from being a part of this?
The increased traffic from bringing all these independent blogs/sites together is the most obvious benefit. Also, from time to time we will publish a portion of a new post in the paper and direct readers to your site to read to read the rest. We’ll also promote all sites through Twitter and on our Facebook page. If a post is selected by us as a “Top Pick” we will highlight it even more.

How can I add my blog or site? Or recommend one?
The first step is to submit a request. You can do that by emailing your information and a link to cbrown@medicinehatnews.com. We are looking for local content, either from local people or about local issues. And when we say local we mean southern Alberta, southwestern Saskatchewan and even into northern Montana. So we’re casting a pretty big net here.

How are blogs/sites chosen?
There are basically two criteria: Does the provide value to readers and does it meet certain editorial standards, which primarily is whether it’s suitable for a general audience. After that, we’re pretty open. And we encourage our partners to let their individual voices be heard.

Does the Medicine Hat News edit content?
Since the content from individual member’s is hosted on their own site, the answer is no. But we do monitor the content and reserve the right to end the partnership at any time, if we find the content goes beyond the bounds of decency and good taste.

Is there any cost?
Other than advertising, no. Everything is free.

Do you have any other questions?
Just email Chris at cbrown@medicinehatnews.com. He’d be happy to find an answer.

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