January 19th, 2020

Radio Ramblings: Leave your comfort zone and you might find a new favourite

By Warren Affleck on August 1, 2019.

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a bit of wanderlust lately.

I’m feeling that need to throw off the shackles and to go somewhere different, see a different place, do different things and even eat different foods.

While I have not been to as many places as others, I’ve been to more places than many. It’s something that has made me a richer person.

One of my favourite places Is Glasgow, Scotland.

Alright, I admit there is a draw here as I am of Scottish ancestry.

The first time I went to Glasgow and stepped out of the airport, I had the oddest sensation of feeling like I was home. I’ve never experienced that in any other place I’ve gone, and the only thing that makes sense is my ancestral draw to the country.

That first time was nine years ago, and I had 36 hours there. I knew there were three things I wanted to do in the one full day. My poor wife was a trooper, following me around and getting sore feet from walking on the cobblestone.

We both knew we wanted to go back, and last year, we went for a week, and it still wasn’t long enough.

Once again, there were three things I wanted to do: Get measured and buy a kilt, go to Edinburgh for the day, and meet with some online friends for the first time.

Meeting our friends was certainly a highlight of the trip. Sharing a meal, a few drams of Scotch one evening, then spending the day touring Edinburgh with them will always be one of my favourite memories and something we all hope to do again.

Wandering around Glasgow we found some great little pubs to eat at and I found my now favourite pub for a dram of Scotch.

The Pot Still is a small little pub, but the atmosphere was big. I met Frank, the owner, and in the few hours I spent there over a couple of days, I learned considerably more about single malt whisky in those few hours than I could have nearly anywhere else.

Frank was very forthcoming in his knowledge, first asking me what I liked and didn’t like with what I tried so far. He then pulled down three selections, gave me a brief history of each, what the price of each was, and without any pressure or influence, asked which I would like to try.

After finishing my selection, Frank would ask, “Do you want to stay along those lines or branch out?

This process was repeated a few times, and I was able to try several amazing whiskies, some available here in Alberta, but some that were not exported outside of Scotland. Naturally, I brought a bottle or two of the ones I liked and can’t get here back.

If you like Scotch whisky, and you ever get to Glasgow, head over to The Pot Still and tell Frank I sent you.

I’m very glad I tried going somewhere new, even though I had been to Glasgow before.

When you travel, even if it’s to a place you’ve been to before, try something new like a different restaurant, or a different activity. Make a new memory and perhaps you’ll find a new favourite thing.

Andre Gide once said, “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” So cast off the lines and see what your new shore is when you travel.

Warren Affleck is a news anchor and reporter at 102.1 CJCY.

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