June 26th, 2019

Local talent fired up for fifth Mahoney and Friends

By Chris Brown on December 13, 2018.

Ryan Massini (front) and Trent Roset of Mahoney will be performing Friday at the Esplanade. The Mahoney and Friends concert will feature a total of 15 local musicians for what's become a December tradition in Medicine Hat.


Trent Roset, Ryan Massini and 13 of their closest musical friends are ready for you.

Friday at the Esplanade the musical duo, known to fans the world over as Mahoney, hosts its fifth Mahoney and Friends show. It’s quickly become a December favourite for many in Medicine Hat.

“It’ll be a classic Mahoney show,” Roset says.

“All over the map,” adds Massini.

For the few who don’t know, a classic Mahoney show is songs from many different genres, old hits and new favourites and unique takes on certain songs.

And of course, there are the friends. In past years Mahoney brought well-known local bands or solo artists along for this ride. Things have changed for 2018.

“This being our fifth year we wrote the show start to finish with people in mind and with ideas in mind. It has a really cool flow to it this year rather than a little bit broken up because of the layout of the bands,” explains Roset.

A cellist, a violinist, a banjo player, electric guitar, bass guitar, backup vocalists, a DJ and Mahoney’s friend Cletus are all set to be part of Mahoney and Friends.

“We’re all roaming around. instrument to instrument. I play mandolin, guitar, and piano,” Roset said. “Ry-Guy’s on the drums for almost half the show and then playing guitar, piano, bass, megaphone.”

Songs by Supertramp, Imagine Dragons and an Awolnation song by violin — an interesting, cool take, says Massini — are some of what the duo mentioned.

Roset and Massini are excited the show gets local musicians on the Esplanade stage, a chance they may not get otherwise. Some of the friends are high schools students, while the backup vocalists come from church backgrounds.

“I like the idea of the full spread from approaching people from outside of bands,” said Roset.

“There’s going to be people on stage that everyone has seen perform 100 times, but the young talent makes it more dynamic,” Massini said. “It’s kind of cool that we get to help the young ones and get those kids up on stage.”

Massini said rehearsals have been almost as fun as playing a show.

“Everyone walks in in a good mood and leaves in a good mood,” he said. “It feels like a club that we go to and then we play music. It’s almost secondary and I think that will translate on stage, that energy.”

On Wednesday morning just three tickets remained for the lower level of the Esplanade. Close to 100 were available in the balcony.

The show starts at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are available at tixx.ca, by calling 403-502-8777 or in person at the Esplanade box office or the Medicine Hat Mall customer service desk.

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