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Rock Ramblings: Step up for Stampede shenanigans

By Medicine Hat News on July 26, 2018.

You’ve been waiting all year long, and the wait, my friend, is now over. It’s time for the annual Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede. This has been a Badlands tradition for more than 130 years. So, yes, our local summer extravaganza is quite a bit older than the Province of Alberta itself! They must be doing something right to last for that length of time. So, aside from the obvious rollicking rodeo action, let’s run down a few of the things that make the Stampede ROCK:

The ROCK show! Huge live concert this Saturday with rock and roll Hall of Famer Joan Jett and the Blackhearts backed up by Canadian icons, The Guess Who! Many were understandably disappointed when Huey Lewis and the News had to back out because of illness, but for the most part, expectations were exceeded with their replacement. Whether you’re cuttin’ a rug to “I Hate Myself For Lovin’ You,” or letting the devil horns fly during “I Love Rock and Roll,” you know this will be a memorable evening.

The midway! West Coast Amusements are back again with the old favourites and some you may never have experienced before. Maybe you wait all year to ride all day, or perhaps you’ve always been a little more on the sedate side and this is the summer you decide to test out your intestinal fortitude. The rides are always fun especially if, before being strapped in, you’ve just somehow beaten the odds and actually won that huge stuffed animal at one of the games of chance.

The food! Isn’t this one of the universally accepted times of year to throw caution to the wind with your personal diet? There are always loads of different palate-pleasing options on the grounds — whether you’re looking for a full meal or snacking as you catch some of the musical entertainment. It’s been estimated the (younger, but world famous) Stampede in Calgary sold about three million mini donuts this year alone. I’d imagine they’ll sell a bag or two of the sugary, doughy goodness here this week too.

The parade! Depending on when you’re reading this — it’s either already happened or it’s about to. In this smartphone-dominated, uber-connected era, an old school parade is a nice, and almost calming, diversion and blast from the past. Which leads me toÉ

The fireworks! Need I say more? As an acquaintance said to me while watching them light up the sky for Canada Day: “I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like fireworks.” Not a bad life philosophy.

Enjoy your Stampeding!

Trapper John can be heard on 105.3 ROCK and http://www.rock1053.ca weekdays from 3-7 p.m. and Saturday afternoons. You can also find him on twitter @TrapperCR.

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