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Rock Ramblings: Move it or lose it

By Medicine Hat News on July 5, 2018.

I’ve come to realize that I am now of a certain age where seemingly benign actions can cause me great injury. Earlier this year, for instance, I found myself in the doctor’s office with an unexplained pain running from my shoulder down my arm, and causing my fingers to go numb.

He asked if I’d been doing pushups. Then we both laughed and laughed and laughed!

You see, I don’t do pushups. Or, situps or yoga or mall walking or any regular exercise really. But, being of a “certain age” I really should be doing more than I am to stay ahead of the mortality clock as long as I’m able, even build up a little strength so those simple actions (in this case, poor posture while sitting at my desk all day) don’t hurt quite so much.

So, I did what would’ve been unthinkable for me even a short four weeks ago: I traded in my morning half hour of peace and quiet and coffee for a brisk walk down into the coulee, along the winding pathway, and back up that long, steep, crazy hill before heading off to work.

I know, Doc, I can’t believe it either! But I did it, and I’m still doing it every day.

The biggest challenge has been getting the playlist right, filled with tunes that get the blood flowing, the rhythm pumping, and keep the feet moving until I’m safely back home again. So I asked around to see what other people like to listen to while they’re walking, running, cycling, jumping rope, or otherwise energizing their day, and this is some of what they came up with:

Disturbed — “Down with the Sickness”

Green Day — “Green Stink Breath”

Coleman Hell — “Fireproof”

Beastie Boys — “So Whatcha Want”

Living Colour — “Cult of Personality”

Weezer — “Pork & Beans”

Eminem — “Without Me”

Lady Gaga — “Born this Way”

Guns N’ Roses — “You Could Be Mine”

Katrina and the Waves — “Walking on Sunshine”

Rammstein — “Ich Tur Dir Weh”

Motorhead — “Ace of Spades”

It’s certainly high energy with a few surprises in the mix! So, load it up, or mix up your own, and get in some solid listening time while doing whatever it is you love to do this summer. And, if that happens to be walking one of the many beautiful pathways that connect our city around, say, 6:11 a.m. on a Tuesday, I just might see you out there!

Chrissy Cruickshank is a creative writer at 105.3 ROCK. You may hear her from time to time with comments on Poncho and Cassie’s morning show. Listen at 105.3 ROCK.

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