February 18th, 2019

MHC VisComm students want to show you the WAYS

By Medicine Hat News on April 6, 2018.

Medicine Hat News

There are many ways to get to where you are going in life and just as many ways you could have taken to where you are. This year’s graduating students in Medicine Hat College’s Visual Communications explore those ideas and more in the annual graduation show.

“WAYS highlights the journey that we have taken from the first day of school to Graduation and further connects our paths for the future. WAYS is a tribute to using an array of mediums and to connecting with each other through collaboration and positive relationships,” reads the intro page at http://www.waysmhc.ca.

Instructor Craig Cote said the 12 graduates have produced a broad range of pieces in a wide array of mediums including photography, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design and video. Cote estimated between 40 and 50 pieces are part of the exhibition at the Cultural Centre’s One on One Gallery from April 6-23. A reception will be held Saturday at 7 p.m.

“There’s some really strong work in there. Those that worked harder, a few that maybe could have done a little bit better but for the most part the work is pretty strong and it’s quite diverse too,” he said.

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