July 21st, 2018

Rock Ramblings: No. 1 rock song of the year: Green Day’s ‘Still Breathing’

By Medicine Hat News on January 4, 2018.

It’s already 2018, eh? Crazy how fast 2017 blew by us.

A ton of things happened in the year from the massive success of the Foo Fighters’ “Concrete an Gold” album, to the tragic passing of rock legends like Gord Downie, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell and many more.

So as we came to the end, Trapper John and myself wanted to close the year with a bang and created the 2017 Rock 20 Countdown. If you’re still not over the year, here’s a little recap of which songs made the list, counting down from the top 10, with a few fun facts in between:

10. Raging Bull — One Bad Son

105.3 Rock was so proud to bring you One Bad Son as they performed on Canada Day in Kin Coulee!

9. My Little RnR — Danko Jones

This song was such a unique hit. Incredible percussion and the catchiest of tunes.

8. Waste a Moment — Kings of Leon

One of my personal favourite bands. They recently played a show in Calgary. Hope you caught it!

7. Highway — Bleaker

You literally can’t walk into an establishment, hear this song and not have everyone tapping a foot, bopping their head or moving in some way. And you just know they’re all imagining themselves dancing like a wild person in a 1990’s-themed music video.

6. Freeze Me — Death From Above 1979

Another super creative song. This one tore up the charts all year from their album “Outrage! Is Now.”

5. Lights Out — Royal Blood

Seems people can’t get enough of this.

4. Square Hammer — Ghost

This song is incredible. Definitely one of the best songs I have heard in a long time!

3. Everything is Alright — The Glorious Sons

When this comes on, the whole 105.3 Rock studio stops and jacks up the volume. We had the privilege of meeting the group when they stopped by the station before their show in the fall.

2. My Name is Human — Highly Suspect.

Another super creative hit from their album “The Boy Who Died Wolf.”

And now, the biggest song of 2017É

1. Still Breathing — Green Day

Although released in 2016, this undoubtedly deserves the No. 1 spot with its massive radio play and classic Green Day sound.

You may argue some of these, but the charts say it! We were so happy to bring you this countdown and we can’t wait to see what rock music has in store for 2018.

Melissa Thomas is a producer at 105.3 ROCK and on air Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday evenings on 105.3 FM and 1053rock.ca

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