November 1st, 2014

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Local doc says more than double scheduled beds are needed @MHNGillianSlade Between 60 and 80 seniors, on any given day, are either waiting in hospital or in their own home for a bed to become available in a seniors residence in Medicine Hat, and only 40 new seniors spaces have been added to the community in the ... Read More »

Berms could cost double @CollinGallant A berm program to protect MediĆ²ing to sources and corroborated by documents that will be presented at Monday’s city council meeting. The cost of initial parts of the proposed 7.1-kilometre system could approach the entire $15-million berm budget proposed in late 2013, shortly after record flooding ... Read More »

110114 Buds & Blooms

It’s November and we can still plant, create and make our landscapes inside our homes with the ever-so-popular Fairy, Gypsy or Miniature garden and accessories. These whimsical creations are the hottest growing trend in the industry, not to mention it is fun for adults, children and everyone in ... Read More »

Clocks fall back Sunday

Medicine Hat News Hatters will have an extra hour this weekend with the end of daylight saving time on Sunday signaling individuals to roll back their clocks by 60 minutes. That is, unless you live in Saskatchewan which doesn’t observe the clock shift and will be one hour ... Read More »

Noteworthy: Home mail delivery, fall suppers and good luck, Gordie

Canadian Union of Postal Workers are putting up quite a fight to keep door-to-door delivery of mail as a part of Canadian life, and it’s understandable considering the number of jobs that are at stake. Still, they’re fighting a losing battle, if you ask me. If you’re as ... Read More »

Veiner Centre bridge results for October

Oct. 1 1. Liz Codd 2. Bruce Perrin 3. Norma Campbell 4. Pat Hannay 5. Bert Howes Oct. 6 1. Herb Weiss 2. Margaret Anderson 3. Bill McKenzie 4. Bruce Perrin 5. Jim Hillson Oct. 8 1. Norma Campbell 2. Margaret Anderson 3. Ted Vockeroth 4. Matilda Weiss ... Read More »

Christmas season dinner drama set for Glenview Nazarene

Medicine Hat News Tickets are on sale for this year’s dinner Kings Players drama at Glenview Nazarene Church, called The Seasons of JamesSmith Abbey. Billed as a “heartwarming Christmas comedy,” the play has been written by Medicine Hat’s Debi Stodolka and will be performed Nov. 27, 28, 29 ... Read More »

City police officers chased by angry owl @MHNprevell An ornery owl kept Medicine Hat police on their toes early Thursday morning, swooping down as they tracked a suspect. “It’s a new experience for me, we do have lots of risks and threats out there but never from above,” said Cst. Clarke White, with the ... Read More »

No one could escape the war’s graphic nature @MHNGillianSlade Even those in clerical positions during the Second World War were not spared horrific images of death. “We were in France and had commandeered a house on the main street when out the window I saw a big tank on the road and a fellow in ... Read More »

By the Way: Falling attendance doesn’t mean reduced faith

Once upon a time in Canada the majority of Canadians were church goers. Most Sundays found most folks in the pews of one church or another. That began to change in the closing decades of the last century. The decline in church attendance didn’t capture a lot of ... Read More »