March 26th, 2015

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EDMONTON – Albertans will pay more to get married, go camping, have a drink, go for a drive or do pretty much anything else as the province fights to get out from under the collapse in oil prices. The 2015-16 budget tabled Thursday increases taxes and fees virtually across the board and runs the largest

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  • City wants equity investment approval @CollinGallant Diversification, strong governance and “best-in-class” advice are keys to success when investing public dollars, according to the man in charge of the City of Edmonton’s investment funds.Medicine Hat will be seeking provincial approval to join that city and Calgary in a class of municipal investors that can sink money into equity investments.Dogged by ... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • Lions Park flood mitigation gets underway @MHNLefebvre Work has commenced in Lions Park to begin building a berm to safeguard the river flats from effects of a potential flood.Crews have been seen since Monday working behind blue construction fences on trails beginning near The Arena and making their way into Lions Park, where a 2.3-kilometre embankment is being constructed.“All they’ve ... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • Flooded Flats lots being sold in silent auction

    Medicine Hat News Three lots bought by the City of Medicine Hat under a flood relief program in 2014 will be sold at silent auction. Badly damaged during flooding in 2013, the city purchased lots of owners who had taken advantage of provincial relocation programs. Now, say officials, flood mitigation is starting to take shape ... Read More »

    12 hours ago

Local Sports

  • All-star awards earned

    Medicine Hat News One all-star game down, one to go for a quartet of Hat High basketball players. At the Southern Alberta High School Basketball League all-star contests in Lethbridge Wednesday night, two Mohawks and two Kwahommies got to have some fun and a couple even picked up some hardware. Zone and provincial 4A champions ... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • Wong, Bisons in AMHL’s final @MHNRooney There’s still one Medicine Hat midget AAA hockey player in the hunt for a league title. Austin Wong moved to Strathmore last year and now plays with the UFA Bisons, who are tied 1-1 with Edmonton’s Canadian Athletic Club in the Alberta Midget Hockey League’s championship series. Game 3 of the best-of-five series ... Read More »

    11 hours ago
  • Lewington: ‘No excuse’ @MHNMcCracken Physically resisting an official never bodes well for a hockey player, and Medicine Hat Tigers defenceman Tyler Lewington found that out the hard way.After engaging in an altercation with Saskatoon Blades defenceman Kolton Dixon, Lewington wrestled off the linesman restraining him to initiate another scrap with Amil Krupic in last weekend’s regular season ... Read More »

    12 hours ago

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By fd4thought: Medicine Hat News Comment Not everyone agrees that socialism is best or that Norway has a socialist government. Read More »

By cyberclark: Medicine Hat News Comment The WRP would chase dogs through the street naked if it would get them a line of print! Much of Southern Alberta has ... Read More »

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  • Time to look in the mirror

    Today is the day that Albertans get to look in Jim Prentice’s mirror. The premier’s government will give its reflections of the state of the province’s finances when Treasury Board president Robin Campbell tables the 2015-16 budget in the legislature this afternoon. Albertans are no doubt concerned; for months we’ve have heard of cuts, of ... Read More »

    12 hours ago
  • National Affairs: Harper’s way or the highway in Syria

    OTTAWA The Harper government may believe the extension and expansion of its anti-ISIS mission to be introduced this week is driven by “moral clarity.” But if, as expected, that expansion takes Canadian bombers into Syrian skies, there is anything but clarity when it comes to our short-term alliances or our forces’ long-term fate. There can ... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Legislation on tanning long overdue in Alberta

    Alberta is joining other provinces in Canada trying to reduce the occurrences of the most common type of cancer On Monday, the province introduced the Skin Cancer Prevention Act, legislation which would officially prohibit those under the age of 18 from using indoor tanning beds, would ban advertising directed at minors, prohibit self-service artificial tanners ... Read More »

    1 day ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Kwahommies win one for the history books

    This past weekend, our Medicine Hat High School Kwahommies did the unthinkable. They became 4A Provincial Champions in Edmonton, defeating teams that up to this point had gone undefeated. Those coaches were baffled. Must be some error in reffing or some such nonsense. They hadn’t experienced the sensation of a loss. Well, they got served! ... Read More »

    1 day ago
  • Had to look up the difference

    Re: “Storms of small mindedness will pass,” March 18. Allow me to give you, Peter Mueller, some small parts of the email I felt obliged to send to Ms. Gillian Slade, after reading her editorial of March 13, “Citizenship here is a privilege.” I wrote to her, “Great ‘Editorial'; all of it so very true, ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Current crisis in Alberta analogous to Old Testament story

    Re: “Analysis: Prentice’s ‘disciplinarian’ tone a manoeuvre to excuse himself,” March 7. Medicine Hat College political science instructor Jim Groomexposes some interestingfeatures ofthe Orwellian future beingpresented to Albertans by PremierJim Prentice andthe power-hungry Progressive Conservative party machine. “The PC party’s been here for 43 plus years.It’s a juggernaut of power. Nobody seems to be able ... Read More »

    3 days ago

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