August 29th, 2015

Featured Story @CollinGallant Local postal workers say the change to community mailbox delivery was “rushed” through in Medicine Hat — traditionally a safe Conservative riding —ahead of this fall’s election where other parties have vowed to halt the process.Doris Salmaso, an area carrier and local union president, spoke after a morning meeting between local workers and

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Local News

  • Games a go despite provincial takeover @MHNMcCuaig The province has taken over control of Hidden Valley Ski Resort in the Cypress Hills but the vice-chair of the Medicine Hat Alberta Games Society said the ski hill is still expected to host events for the 2016 Alberta Winter Games.“We’re going ahead, doing the planning and everything else,” said Ken Sauer.The Alberta ... Read More »

    17 hours ago
  • Cadets, superiors beam on grad day @MHNMcCuaig There were more than a few pounds of brass on hand — and an immeasurable weight of pride — as 21 cadets from the MHPS 17-week training program graduated Friday during a ceremony at the Esplanade in front of friends, family and future colleagues.“It feels great,” said MHPS cadet Martyn O’Donnell following the ... Read More »

    17 hours ago
  • Former mayor’s grandkids donate to the Esplanade @MHNGillianSlade Grandchildren of one of Medicine Hat’s former mayors have donated $9,000 to the Esplanade Museum. “I think the Esplanade is fabulous,” said Virginia Gordon, former mayor Walter Huckvale’s granddaughter, who was visiting from Kingston, Ont. this week. “Not many communities can do this. It’s a good mix and is in the centre of ... Read More »

    17 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Doyle punches in three as Vikings rout Wolverines @MHNMcCracken Crescent Heights Vikings running back Steven Doyle put in a lot of work this off-season. And it showed Friday. The Grade 12 athlete punched in three touchdowns en route to a 40-0 victory over the Bow Valley Wolverines in Friday’s out-of-conference pre-season game at the Methanex Bowl, and he’s hoping to keep the ... Read More »

    17 hours ago
  • Tigers enter new den @MHNMcCracken The Medicine Hat Tigers marched into their new den for the first time Friday morning to kick off training camp on a brand new sheet of ice at the Canalta Centre. Team Orange clinched the first-ever victory at the Canalta Centre against Team White in Friday morning’s scrimmage, 5-4, and Orange forward Mark ... Read More »

    17 hours ago
  • Strength in numbers @MHNMcCracken Seven days of practice are in the books, and the Crescent Heights Vikings are ready to embark on another season on the gridiron. The Vikings are bolstered by the return of 30 players from last year’s roster, a number rarely seen at the high school sports level. “These guys are a band of ... Read More »

    17 hours ago

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By William: Medicine Hat News Comment Everyone quit whining, times have changed so get used to it. And harper has nothing to do with it. Nobody uses the mai... Read More »

By yomouse: Medicine Hat News Comment I had to check halfway through reading the article to make sure Clownston hadn't wrote this. The sad thing is, the News ... Read More »

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  • Don’t worry your pretty little heads

    Those Hatters who think they’re entitled to know the financial deals on how the Canalta Centre is being run, what a bunch of maroons. I mean really, if they start thinking they own the place just ’cause they forked over $75 million to build the joint, the next thing they’ll think is they have some ... Read More »

    17 hours ago
  • National Affairs: Sounds of silence from Tory candidates

    HALIFAX You may think you’ve heard it all before, but when you spend two weeks talking politics during an election campaign from British Columbia to Nova Scotia — as I have — it’s time to think again. You can hear an immigrant from Trinidad grill Liberal candidate Raj Grewal in a backyard on Bayridge Drive ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Power rests in the hands of the ‘news police’

    At the Mike Duffy trial the public was given a glimpse of the underworld of “communication” or what should be called “spin doctors” or “news police.” Not that long ago a national corporation managed with one public relations person to provide helpful advice to managers who were nervous talking to the media. Today at all ... Read More »

    2 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Seniors’ centre debate becoming a comedy act

    It seems the seniors’ centre is becoming a comedy act at city hall. Every council meeting seems there seems to be a new version of the proposed centre. According to the mayor, 20 per cent of Medicine Hat’s population is seniors; that’s about 12,600 people. Prior to the flood in 2013 the Veiner Centre was ... Read More »

    17 hours ago
  • Photo radar the biggest scam foisted on citizens in many years

    Re: “Police should justify each photo radar location,” Aug. 12. The letter from Mr. Doug Hill in the paper put fire in my belly. The photo radar implementation in Alberta is the biggest scam to be foisted on our citizens for many years. What the people of Medicine Hat must understand is that our police ... Read More »

    17 hours ago
  • Make city a ‘destination’

    Earlier this summer my spouse and I spent a few days visiting your city. We decided we wanted to see what, if anything, there was to see in Medicine Hat.From a distance, we could find out very little. To our great surprise and enjoyment, we discovered Medicine Hat as a “destination” rather than a few ... Read More »

    2 days ago

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