November 30th, 2015

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Medicine Hat NewsSaturday was the first day Santa and Mrs. Claus were scheduled to visit the Medicine Hat Mall to meet local children, but evidently, when he tried to go down the chimney at the mall, the jolly old elf discovered the mall didn’t have one in place.Fortunately for Mr. Claus, and the children and

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Local News

  • SPCA hosting annual Christmas party

    Medicine Hat News The Medicine Hat SPCA will be opening its doors to the public for a party this weekend The shelter’s annual Christmas Party with the animals runs this coming Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. both days, giving Hatters a chance to head down to the shelter and meet with the ... Read More »

    7 hours ago
  • Horse expo celebrates all things equine @MHNLefebvre The Cypress Centre Pavilion was the place to be over the weekend for those who know their way around a saddle, as well as those who want to improve their skills. The second annual Medicine Hat Horse Expo and Country Christmas Trade Show took over the pavilion Saturday and Sunday, drawing hundreds to ... Read More »

    7 hours ago
  • Hat’s Movember teams raise over $45K for men’s health @MHNLefebvre Medicine Hat’s Movember efforts will once again show a high ranking on the national effort. As of today, the MedHat Movember network, which has 174 participants, has raised $45,851 for the Movember Canada Foundation, which funds research for prostate and testicular cancer research, and mental health initiatives for men. “We’ll be ranking in ... Read More »

    7 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Alberta captures women’s bronze at Travelers Cup

    Medicine Hat News Redcliff natives Samantha Davies and Avice DeKelver clinched bronze with Team Alberta at the Travelers Curling Club Championship Saturday in Ottawa with a 9-8 victory over Northern Ontario. Team Alberta, led by skipper Nanette DuPont, managed to rebound from a 3-0 deficit after the first end, putting up a pair of three-point ... Read More »

    7 hours ago
  • Tigers fall short @MHNMcCracken Brandon Wheat Kings forward John Quenneville earned more bragging rights over his younger brother, Medicine Hat Tigers defenceman David, with a goal and an assist in Brandon’s 4-3 win over the Tigers, Saturday at the Canalta Centre. While the brotherly battles are always a special occasion for the Edmonton-native Quenneville brothers, Saturday’s was ... Read More »

    7 hours ago
  • Hounds make sledge hockey history @MHNMcCracken In 1980, the sport of sledge hockey was introduced to Canada in the Gas City.But in the 35 years since Jean Lane’s presentation to the City of Medicine Hat received funding to grow the sport in the Great White North, Hatters have seen almost none of the high-paced hybrid of hockey. That is, ... Read More »

    7 hours ago

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By yomouse: Medicine Hat News Comment Why use merit and qualifications when we can "gender parity" instead? One just has to read the latest rant of resident ... Read More »

By tonio5: Medicine Hat News Comment Will the city cancel any ideas of developing the Glanville lot? We don't need more commercial space at this time and th... Read More »

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  • Tories must play long game vs. Libs

    Justin Trudeau was handed a load of political capital, and a long leash, by Canadian voters last month. What’s he done with it so far? He has delivered a spectacular tour de force when it comes to showmanship at home and abroad, but something less than that when it comes to substance. Right now, Canadians ... Read More »

    7 hours ago
  • Guest Column: Objections to refugees: Some legitimate, others simply illogical

    There seem to be four loud objections to the 25,000 Syrian refugees coming to Canada: 1) we should be looking after our own homeless people; 2) they’re just ‘migrants’ looking for a better life, not ‘refugees’ fleeing for their lives; 3) they’re Muslims who discriminate against women and aren’t like us; 4) they’re bringing terrorists ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Almost ‘entrapment’ to use photo radar on overbuilt road

    It’s becoming apparent the city’s use of photo radar has a credibility problem in how it’s used as well as how the revenue generated is being dispersed — even among those who support the traffic enforcement device’s deployment. Recent revelations the City has entered into a secret agreement with a group of homeowners to artificially ... Read More »

    2 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Parkview speed should be 70 km/h

    It is interesting and predictable that there is public pushback against the use of photo radar in this city. I read the recent report on photo radar available on the city website and have come to this conclusion: Photo radar can be divided into two classes. One is “safety radar” which is deployed in school/playground ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Modern-day policing is challenging

    Re: “Society should expect a higher standard from police,” Nov. 13 I agree with Ms. Slade’s main assertion, but I disagree with her implied criticism of Chief Andy McGrogan and the Medicine Hat Police Service. I’m an old-timer who was taught that obedience to the law, and respect for authority was a requirement of being ... Read More »

    4 days ago
  • Refugees’ arrival: We must be vigilant

    Re: “Will we, as the Bible suggests, be good Samaritans?,” Nov. 17 News reporter Peggy Revell’s statement that “the majority of people in Medicine Hat claim to follow” Jesus Christ, raises interesting questions. Does she believe they are all born-again in Christ’s spirit?Or is she referring to those attending an institutional “church building”and belonging to ... Read More »

    5 days ago