September 29th, 2016

Featured Story @MHNprevell Outreach and program expansion was highlighted at the Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society’s annual general meeting Wednesday — expansion in part due to last year’s provincial announcement of annual funding for second-stage housing. “It’s been great, it’s really allowed us to focus on outreach programs,” said executive director Natasha Carvalho. With annual funding

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Could your vote be swayed in favour of someone running for a non-traditional federal party?

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  • CHP candidate supports ‘traditional Christian values’ @CollinGallant The leader of an alternative federal party says the upcoming byelection is a chance for local voters to send a message to the Conservative party and all of Canada about the importance of traditional Christian values. Rod Taylor, the national leader of the Christian Heritage Party, has told the News he plans to ... Read More »

    15 hours ago
  • More fee hikes proposed @CollinGallant Another division at city hall has presented fee increases administrators say will better cover the costs of providing services. Last week the planning department introduced some increases to building fees and business licensing to meet a provincial benchmark. That also included some new charges that haven’t been billed to local residents, but are ... Read More »

    15 hours ago
  • Accessible picnic site at Echo Dale takes page out of playground book

    Medicine Hat News A new accessible picnic site in Echo Dale Regional Park received a grant to help cover construction costs. Dave Schaas, representing the Alberta Recycling Management Authority, presented a $21,457.25 grant to Mayor Ted Clugston Tuesday afternoon. The grant helps cover costs for outdoor rink mats and the Echo Dale Accessible Picnic Area. ... Read More »

    15 hours ago

Local Sports

  • Schneider back in the Tigers blue paint @MHNMcCracken Medicine Hat Tigers goaltender Nick Schneider got a taste of the next level over the off-season. Now, after separate stints with the AHL’s Stockton Heat and NHL’s Calgary Flames, Schneider is back in the Gas City with something to prove. “Just seeing all that talent that’s out there and measuring yourself up against ... Read More »

    15 hours ago
  • No suspensions after brawl with ‘Canes @MHNMcCracken The Medicine Hat Tigers will have all hands on deck when they hit the ice against the Saskatoon Blades Friday at the Canalta Centre. The Tabbies managed to avoid suspension following Saturday’s line brawl with the Lethbridge Hurricanes, which featured five simultaneous scuffles on the ice. While both teams took a $500 fine, ... Read More »

    15 hours ago
  • Florkowski flourishes at Ryder Cup-style event @MHNRooney He’s transitioning into being a club pro but that doesn’t mean Jesse Florkowski has lost any of his competitive instincts. Arguably the best one-armed golfer in the world, the Medicine Hat native finished his summer by playing in a Ryder Cup-style event which wound up Saturday in Palm Springs, California. “It was awesome,” ... Read More »

    15 hours ago

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By banjokaz: Medicine Hat News Comment I'm frankly sickened to hear such a candidate even exists in this day and age. Here I thought we were past the old hate... Read More »

By Les Landry: Medicine Hat News Comment Thank you.... This is why I stopped watching the NHL years ago... Les... Read More »

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  • Can’t discount Donald Trump, who’s telling people what they want to hear

    It’s high time that the citizens of Western democracies realize that candidates like Donald Trump and the forces that have elevated his eyebrow-raising platform into a major party campaign are not going away. No amount of belittling, head scratching or pearl clutching in the political centre or left has dealt it a death blow. Neither ... Read More »

    15 hours ago
  • Respect your elders and appreciate what they can teach you

    This Saturday, The International Day of Older Persons will be celebrated and recognized around the world. The day, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1990 and first celebrated a year later, intends to get the public to celebrate seniors and their accomplishments through their lives, while also shining a light on the issues affecting older ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • From the American: Presidential election: The race nobody wins

    The Pulitzer Prize celebrates journalistic excellence, which is an odd legacy because Joseph Pulitzer wasn’t overly concerned with good reporting. The Pulitzer Prize webpage admits that during Pulitzer’s circulation battle with William Randolph Hearst, “there were no apparent restraints on sensationalism or fabrication of news.”An interesting aside is that Hearst was the inspiration for Orson ... Read More »

    4 days ago

Letters to The Editor

  • Hockey violence: Have we lost our bearings?

    I have been to a number of Medicine Hat Tigers games, but was most disappointed with the game on Sept 24. What are we teaching our children? 1. We teach them it’s wrong to be a bully except when you’re in a hockey game because there we settle our differences by force. 2. It’s OK ... Read More »

    15 hours ago
  • Paying donors for plasma doesn’t put patients at risk

    Re: “Guest Column: Blood supplies across Canada must be safeguarded,” Sept. 14 The recent guest column correctly infers that Canadian Blood Services plays a central role in the collection of plasma to create plasma-derived drugs. We do however need to clarify some of the information within the piece. Ms. Lanteigne leads with, “Private blood brokers ... Read More »

    2 days ago
  • Feds aren’t spending enough

    Our Bank of Canada does not have vaults filled with electronic cash. As remarkable as it may seem, the Bank (owned 100 per cent by the federal government) simply creates money whenever needed by computer entry. It follows that the federal government can never run out of Canadian dollars. This explains how immediately after the ... Read More »

    2 days ago

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