September 1st, 2015

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A judge has found three Medicine Hat police officers not guilty of aggravated assault charges stemming from an incident in 2012. MHPS constables Robert Angstadt, 41, David Hrycyk, 42, and Marc Seiller, 30, were arrested on July 3, 2013, on aggravated assault allegations in connection with the Aug. 25, 2012, arrest of James Halcro.A judge

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Were you surprised by Monday’s not-guilty verdict for three city police officers charged with aggravated assault?

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  • Officers not guilty @MHNMcCuaig Three city police officers were found not guilty of an alleged 2012 aggravated assault Monday. But a Queen’s Bench justice stopped short of exonerating police actions in levelling a guilty verdict to common assault against one of the three. In rendering his verdict, Justice David Gates stated MHPS Const. Robert Angstadt’s actions against ... Read More »

    55 mins ago
  • City’s finances looking OK despite oil and gas returns @CollinGallant Medicine Hat’s balance sheet improved in the second quarter thanks to land sales, jobs left vacant at city hall and stronger than expected returns on investments, according to documents presented Monday. However, low oil and gas prices continue to concern finance officials who, for the second time this year, said they are being ... Read More »

    55 mins ago
  • Hay burns after power-pole snaps

    Medicine Hat News A wind-snapped tree near a rural power pole caused about $100,000 worth of hay bales to burn on Monday west of Medicine Hat before fire crews from four regional departments got the blaze under control. Cypress County Fire Chief Dennis Mann told the News that high wind just before noon pushed a ... Read More »

    54 mins ago

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  • Kelly: Roughriders, Blue Bombers need complete coaching overhaul

    Fire the coaches! At this, the halfway mark of the 2015 CFL season, with the Labour day classics ready to kick-off the stretch run, drastic action must be taken in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. Under head coach Corey Chamblin the Roughriders are 0-9. He has made poor decisions throughout this campaign but pulling quarterback Brett Smith ... Read More »

    47 mins ago
  • Royalty on the links @MHNBrucePenton If there’s anything such as royalty in Canadian men’s amateur golf circles, then it’s safe to say His Royal Highness is on the grounds this week at Desert Blume. Vancouver’s Doug Roxburgh — who has won six national amateur titles during his illustrious career — is in the field of 156 of the ... Read More »

    47 mins ago
  • Desert Blume basking in recognition @MHNBrucePenton Recognition — local, national and international — for his golf course is one of the benefits of staging the Canadian senior men’s golf championship, says Desert Blume’s Chris Paskin. “It puts us on the map across Canada and a few places in the States,” said Paskin, director of golf at the eight-year-old course ... Read More »

    47 mins ago

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By Keep It Real: Medicine Hat News Comment Good article Alex; here's something to think about as we watch the Mayor and Council cover up their screw ups. "If y... Read More »

By William: Medicine Hat News Comment Everyone quit whining, times have changed so get used to it. And harper has nothing to do with it. Nobody uses the mai... Read More »

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  • A lot of hurt caused by Ashley Madison hack

    What to make of the peculiar case of Ashley Madison. The infamous site —which aims to connect married folk with cheating opportunities —ballooned on to the world stage last month after hackers stole data about the site’s 36-million members, including email addresses, account information, private messages and billing details. There was an irony to the ... Read More »

    53 mins ago
  • National Affairs:After Duffy, can voters trust Tories?

    MONTREAL By the time Mike Duffy’s trial wraps up later this year, voters will already have rendered their election verdict on Stephen Harper. But regardless of whether the disgraced senator turns out to be guilty in the eye of the law, in the court of public opinion the tenuous case designed to insulate the Conservative ... Read More »

    23 hours ago
  • Childhood obesity a complex issue, and there’s plenty of blame to go around

    There has been no shortage of news in recent years about the childhood obesity epidemic in North America and beyond. Now we know who’s to blame: Parents. At least, that’s the opinion of more than two-thirds of doctors polled recently by SERMO, a social network for physicians. In the survey which received 2,258 responses from ... Read More »

    23 hours ago

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  • Minimum wage: Rising tide lifts all boats

    I support the provincial government’s plan to raise Alberta’s minimum wage, in increments, to $15 per hour by 2018. I do not understand the opposition to this plan, voiced by business organizations. Firstly, the minimum wage will apply to all businesses, therefore no business will have an advantage or disadvantage against competing businesses. If costs ... Read More »

    53 mins ago
  • Seniors’ centre debate becoming a comedy act

    It seems the seniors’ centre is becoming a comedy act at city hall. Every council meeting seems there seems to be a new version of the proposed centre. According to the mayor, 20 per cent of Medicine Hat’s population is seniors; that’s about 12,600 people. Prior to the flood in 2013 the Veiner Centre was ... Read More »

    3 days ago
  • Photo radar the biggest scam foisted on citizens in many years

    Re: “Police should justify each photo radar location,” Aug. 12. The letter from Mr. Doug Hill in the paper put fire in my belly. The photo radar implementation in Alberta is the biggest scam to be foisted on our citizens for many years. What the people of Medicine Hat must understand is that our police ... Read More »

    3 days ago