December 3rd, 2021

Trio of trustee candidates running on vaccine opposition

By KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on October 16, 2021.

Social media comments made by Jillian Schempp, a trustee candidate for Medicine Hat Public School Division, regarding the COVID-19 vaccine have created a stir online. Through a series of Facebook posts Schempp claimed individuals who choose to be vaccinated are “practising satanism” and that “babies are literally sacrificed alive to make vaccines.”

Throughout her campaign, Schempp has worked closely with fellow trustee candidates Sire Jeremy Williamson and Chandra Muszko. The trio recently held a virtual town hall-style meeting in which they discussed MHPSD policies about vaccinations and masking among other topics.

All three say they are pro-choice when it comes to vaccinations, but it is unclear how much of the rest of their platforms overlap.

During the town hall, Muszko said “Jeremy, Jillian and I all really share a lot of the same ideals, especially when it comes to the health and safety of our kids.”

In a Facebook post dated Oct. 5, she wrote, “I have aligned myself with these individuals (Schempp and Williamson) since we all share similar viewpoints when it comes to the safety of children.”

A comment beneath that post questioning Muszko about her affiliation with Schempp includes a screenshot of Schempp’s post claiming that “vaccinations are satanic” and made from the hearts of five to six-month-old human babies. Muszko responded to the commenter by confirming that it is Schempp she was referring to in her post and writes “if you wish to understand this candidate better, you should go to the source.”

Muszko was not available for comment when contacted by the News.

When contacted by the News for comment, Williamson said “I can’t say exactly what her views are and whether I align with everything that she said.” In the same conversation he stated that “(The vaccinations) were tested on aborted fetal tissue. That is a fact.”

According to sources online, including a widely credited article in Nebraska Medicine, certain vaccine research has used cell lines grown from the fetal cells of aborted fetuses from the 1970s and 1980s, but no COVID-19 vaccines used in Canada were made this way.

Williamson also claims that “to force (a vaccination) on anybody is a war crime under the Nuremberg code.”

Williamson goes into further detail in a video posted to his social media Wednesday that discusses MHPSD’s COVID Harm Reduction Policy (546), which requires adults working in or visiting a MHPSD school to either show proof of vaccination or a negative test. This policy does not apply to students, however in the video Williamson incorrectly claims that children will have to undergo COVID testing, which he says is “tantamount to rape.”

“If this policy is allowed to go unchallenged, that means there is precedence set. And by precedence, I mean that they could make a policy that would allow them to perform virginity tests on students, that would allow them to do STD screening on students,” Williamson said. “If I am elected I would do everything in my power to defy (a vaccination policy) and to remove it.”

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Maurice Shabatsky
Maurice Shabatsky (@maurice-shabatsky)
1 month ago

I didn’t know the Three Stooges were running for school board.

thinker99 (@thinker99)
1 month ago

Surprise, surprise. Medicine Hat News always has a target on social conservatives. That is the purpose for Trudeau’s $600M funding for “trusted news sources”. Running a hit piece like this, after the glowing piece on Catherine Wilson says it all.

Maurice Shabatsky
Maurice Shabatsky (@maurice-shabatsky)
1 month ago
Reply to  thinker99

Satanic cult making vaccines out of dead babies?
They’ve been drinking the bleach, obviously.