December 3rd, 2021

Chandra Muszko: The root of trustee is trust, says candidate for MHPSD

By KENDALL KING, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on October 16, 2021.

Chandra Muszko hopes to secure a trustee seat with the Medicine Hat Public School Division.--SUBMITTED PHOTO

Chandra Muszko believes that, above all else, a Medicine Hat Public School Division school board trustee must be trustworthy.

“I’m focusing my attention on the areas of transparency within the school system and the board themselves,” Muszko told the News while describing her platform.

She also hopes to launch a revised health and safety plan for the upcoming school year, as well as promote inclusivity so no child feels left behind.

Muszko, herself, knows the values of education. She has studied a variety of topics including psychology, early childhood development, film production and small engine repair.

“I have an inquisitive nature,” said Muszko. “Basically, anything I’ve ever wanted to learn, I just find the classes, book the time and commit. I don’t wait for an invitation to get an education.”

When not exploring new fields of study, Muszko spends time with her family. Her and her sister often volunteer serving people in downtown area or at St. Barnabas Anglican Church. If elected, the first thing she will do is pray, she told the News.

Muszko feels her experience with education, as well as her desire to serve and improve the lives of others, makes her a solid candidate for the role of trustee.

“The position of trustee is granted because our community should trust that we always have the best interests of our children in mind,” she said. “In order to achieve that, we must be accountable to the voters in keeping our communication open, honest and remaining true to what we pledged in our campaign by following through.”

If elected, Muszko vows to listen, learn and improve throughout her term.

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