October 22nd, 2021

Roger McClary: Council hopeful wants a focus on green energy

By LAUREN THOMSON Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on October 9, 2021.

Roger Steven McClary wants city council to focus on green energy opportunities.--SUBMITTED PHOTO


Roger Steven McClary wants to bring more green energy jobs to “The Gas City” as a hopeful new member of city council.

McClary studied mathematics and economics in university.

“I’m not a geophysicist, but I was trained as one at work, reading books and papers,” said McClary. “I’ve done a large variety of work, from kitchens, bar tending, hospitality management, seismic data processing, mathematical research in geophysics and I’ve been an entrepreneur.”

His entrepreneurial adventures have included a green housing project near Strathmore, which McClary and a friend launched around the time oil prices crashed.

“That did not work out well unfortunately, but it really was an impossible and unpredictable situation,” McClary recalled. “Now I run a company called ‘Rogers Fine Tea’ and another called ‘Botanical Research and Innovation Company.’ It’s brand new. It’s going to be an online medicinal botanical company. I’m still working on getting everything set up for that.”

McClary spends much of his spare time exploring athletics, having done everything from rugby to cross country running to mountaineering and climbing.

McClary would like to see a shift in Medicine Hat’s economic focus.

“Geothermal green energy jobs are my big focus. A geothermal plant coupled with proposed hydrogen plants could be an incredibly good opportunity to boost Medicine Hat out of this recession and then provide a lot of short and long-term jobs,” said McClary. “I’d like to see the geothermal result in lower utility bills.”

He also hopes to see benefits for emergency responders for continuing education and mental health. McClary wants to address issues related to tenant rights and hopes to encourage egalitarianism in Medicine Hat should he win a seat on council.

McClary plans to restore the Medicine Hat Advantage by trying to change direction away from fossil fuels while creating a career ladder for city workers.

“I’ve always tried to present myself as a gentleman. I’m committed to lifelong learning; if I do not know, I will find out,” said McClary. “I hope to seek input from my community to help make the best decisions.

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