September 28th, 2021

Still more candidates to come

By MEDICINE HAT NEWS on August 31, 2021.

More sitting city councillors are announcing their re-election campaigns.

Councillor Darren Hirsch has scheduled a noon-hour announcement with media in the city on Tuesday.

Phil Turnbull plans to file his nomination papers early this week, he told the News on Monday.

On the weekend, two-term council member Brian Varga attended a meet-the candidates gathering in Kin Coulee Park and began putting up signs as well as posting positions on social media.

Jim Turner filed his nomination papers in the winter toward seeking a third term as councillor.

They join 22 other candidates who have registered to run in the Oct. 18 municipal election for eight council seats that are claimed by the top-eight vote-getters.

Mayor Ted Clugston, who has not registered in what’s currently a four-person race, said in January that he would run again and has been making overtures about the coming election on social media.

Other mayoral candidates are Alan Rose, Linnsie Clark, Tony Leahy and Michael Starner.

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17 days ago

Vote for Linnsie Clark.

Vote against Turnbull and Turner. We need new blood, not these hypocrites.

Turner in 2017 “He says if elected, he will work to reduce the city’s deficit”. FAIL
Turnbull in 2017 “I think the public wants their elected people to give rational reasons why they support something, and rational reasons why they don’t support something. I think it needs to be done in open, so people have that” FAIL