October 22nd, 2021

Hatters defend their turf at Nieman-Page Memorial

By Ryan McCracken on January 14, 2019.

Medicine Hats Dorian Baptiste engages with Haydon Moffat of Calgarys Teofista Boxing Club during the 15th annnual Nieman/Page Memorial and Alberta Silver Gloves on Sunday at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre.


The Hatters defended their house over the weekend at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre.

Seven local fighters entered the ring at the 15th annual Nieman-Page Memorial and Alberta Silver Gloves to represent the Medicine Hat Boxing Club and five came out with victories in a dominant hometown showing.

“The Medicine Hat boys had a real good showing,” said Medicine Hat Boxing Club coach Kerry Fahlman. “We had it filled up. It was standing room only and there were 19 very well matched bouts … Our top-end Open fighters all ended up winning their fights. We had some other boys who fought really well and had some close fights, our losses were close— it was just a really good night.”

Local sensation Janick Lacroix headlined the showcase on both days, battling to a unanimous decision victory over Newline Regina’s Quinn Neald in a 75-kilogram showdown Saturday then defeating Lloydminster’s Emile Smith in an 81-kilogram bout to close out the event Sunday.

“(Neald) had a good defence. He was really hard to get, I really hard to work for it and move around to get my points in,” said Lacroix, adding he’s always searching for a tougher opponent than the last. “We’re always looking for the best guys to fight. Pretty much anyone in my weight and anyone in my age I’ll fight, it doesn’t matter who.”

Fahlman added Lacroix’s life outside the ring has forced him to mature at a faster rate than most, and that seems to translate onto the canvas as well.

“It’s a personal thing for him, to make himself better. He’s the kind of kid who’s up at 5 in the morning, getting himself up and running. He’s 16 years old and he’s living in town by himself,” said Fahlman. “He goes and runs, comes back and makes his breakfast, goes to school and does his school work, does sports performance through school, then after school he hits the bag, then comes down to the club, then runs again later. He just does everything that a top-end athlete needs to do to be a champion.”

Hat teammate Tristan Deveau set the stage for both of Lacroix’s victories, defeating Smith Saturday and beating SouthPaw Calgary’s Luis Sanabria Sunday in a pair of 75-kilogram bouts. Lacroix and Deveau will both represent Team Alberta in the ring at the Canada Winter Games in Red Deer next month, while Fahlman will coach.

“It’s pretty nice for us to go up together,” said Fahlman.

Medicine Hat’s Dorian Baptiste prevailed in the lone all-local bout of the weekend by defeating Aldin Muminovic in a 61-kilogram match Saturday, but Baptiste’s weekend ultimately ended early on a referee’s stoppage in the second round of Sunday’s 69-kilogram loss to Haydon Moffat of Calgary’s Teofista Boxing.

Hatter Jason Smeby picked up an 81-kilogram victory after defeating Dean Aldridge of Leader’s Sandhills Boxing Club Saturday. Earlier that evening, Francis Ang fell to SouthPaw’s Mohanad Mahdi in a 60-kilogram bout and Stefan Judge lost to John Hebert of Calgary’s Undisputed in a 64-kilogram fight.

“We had a lot of new guys and they’re doing pretty good,” said Lacroix. “For some of them, it was their first fight, some of them have been fighting for a while and we’re all putting on a show and the crowd’s loving it.”

15th Annual Nieman-Page Memorial and Alberta Silver Gloves Results


– Jr. A Fun Box —Issabella Meredith (SouthPaw, Calgary) def. Emma Jodoin (Sandhills, Leader)

– Jr. A 32 kg. — Logan McKinnon (Red Deer) def. Sonny Meredith (SouthPaw)

– Jr. B 41 kg. — Hunter Theise (Swift Current) def. Brayden Aldridge (Sandhills)

– Jr. B 49 kg. —Kerowna Hamilton (Marshall, Edmonton) def. Ella Meredith (SouthPaw)

– Jr. C 60 kg. —Tessa Feldbusch (Lethbridge) def. Katie Neath (Lloydminster)

– Sr. 75 kg. —Luis Sanabria (SouthPaw) def. Tegan Bartlett (Derrick, Drayton Valley)

– Sr. 60 kg. — Yuol Chaqai (Undisputed, Calgary) def. Shaye Zacharias (Top Dog, Saskatoon)

– Jr. C 69 kg. — Dorian Baptiste (Medicine Hat) def. Aldin Muminovic (Medicine Hat)

– Open 57 kg. —Tristan Ewenin (Calgary) def. Ayde Meredith (SouthPaw)

– Open 41 kg. — Joshua Williams (Marshall) def. Torin Glazebrook (Derrick)

– 60 kg. —Mohanad Mahdi (SouthPaw) def. Francis Ang (Medicine Hat)

– Open 75 kg. — William O’Keefe (Red Deer) def. Steve Meikle (Teofista, Calgary)

– Open 91 kg. — Darcy Feser (Lloyd.) def. Michael Gardner (SouthPaw)

– 64 kg. —John Heber (Undisputed) def. Stefan Judge (Medicine Hat)

– Open 56 kg. —Cole Brander (Marshall) def. Jordan Mathieu (Montreal)

– Open 41 kg. —Fausto Santoro (Marshall) def. Preston Lachance (Top Dog)

– 81 kg. — Jason Smeby (Medicine Hat) def. Dean Aldridge (Sandhills)

– Sr. Open 75 kg. — Tristan Deveau (Medicine Hat) def. Emile Smith (Lloydminster)

– Open 75 kg. —Janick Lacroix (Medicine Hat) def. Quinn Neald (Regina)


– Jr. A 35 kg. — Sage Cramer (Spokane) def. Dashanda Fehr-Spence (Swift Current)

– Elite Open 69 kg. — Steve Milko (Teofista) def. Preston Lachance (Top Dog)

– Youth Open 56 kg. —Cole Brander (Marshall) def. Jordan Mathieu (Montreal)

– Jr. A Fun Box 32 kg. — Sydney Collinge (Lloydminster), draw, Abigaelle Blohm (Sandhills)

– Jr. C Open 57 kg. — Ayde Meredith (SouthPaw) def. Jakob Boomer (Red Deer)

– Jr. C 63 kg. —Haydon Moffat (Teofista) def. Dorian Baptiste (Medicine Hat)

– Jr. A 34 kg. — Logan McKinnon (Red Deer) def. Jayden Collinge (Lloyd.)

– Sr. 64 kg. —Youl Chanquai (Undisputed) def. Carlos Marquina (Lethbridge)

– Jr. B 53 kg. —Alexandra Brody (Lloydminster) def. Keely Hartell (Sandhills)

– Elite 75 kg. —Alex Tran (SouthPaw) def. Daniel Burnstein (Calgary)

– Elite Open 75 kg. — Tristan Deveau (Med Hat) def. L. Sanabria (SouthPaw)

– Youth Open 81 kg. —Janick Lacroix (Medicine Hat) def. Emile Smith (Lloydminster)

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