November 14th, 2018

FAME: ASDC, FAME to host all-female sport development camp at MHC next month

By Ryan McCracken on June 14, 2018.

Calling all females age 12-to-17!

Are you an athlete or are you interested in developing your sport skills to pursue a physical activity you love?

Maybe you play ringette or basketball or soccer? Or perhaps you run track or swim? Or maybe you are a competitive gymnast or dancer. Maybe you just enjoy sports and physical activity because it’s fun and makes you feel good.

No matter what sport you love to play or why, the difference between being good and being great is the effort we put in to developing our skills as an athlete. That is why we go to practices, why we play games and compete in tournaments, and why we attend seminars or workshops. All of these things make us better at our sport so that we can take it to the next level.

But not all of those opportunities are available to females. Most of the top level coaches, trainers, and support staff are involved in male dominated sport leagues such as the NHL, NFL, NBA, etc. Which means that the female divisions can get the short end of the stick. Because the number of females participating in sport starts to decrease in early teen years, there is less opportunity to host sport development events due to lower attendance or smaller pools of athletes in the community.

This year, the Alberta Sport Development Centre in partnership with FAME (Females in Action, Moving and Empowering) is bringing an opportunity to young female athletes that has not been offered before.

A new female-only sport development camp is being hosted at the Medicine Hat College July 2-6 and will focus on development of essential skills in the areas of strength and conditioning, sport nutrition, mental skills and so much more.

Running Monday to Friday from 1-4 p.m., the concepts and drills designed in this camp are not sport specific which makes this camp beneficial for all girls in a variety of sports and activities. This well rounded focus makes it especially great for females who play multiple sports over the course of the year and it will definitely give you an edge on the competition in your upcoming season.

For more information or to register online please visit the Medicine Hat College website using the website link You can find the dates, times and costs in the 2018 Summer Programs Catalogue. Phone registration is also available by calling 403 529 3844.

Should you have any other questions, you can also contact the Alberta Sport Development Centre — Southeastern Office by phoning 403 504 3547 or email

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