July 17th, 2018

Fudokan club totals 35 medals at Medicine Hat Open tourney

By Medicine Hat News on May 18, 2017.

Medicine Hat News

Medicine Hat’s YMCA Fudokan karate club reported 35 medals at the Medicine Hat Open tournament earlier this month.

On May 6, Fudokan members combined for 14 gold, 12 silver and nine bronze medal spots on the podium. Sensei Zorislav Krco said in a press release he was “proud of all of his students.”

With kata, sparring and weapons sparring competitions for most divisions, there were plenty of triple medalists. But a team kata event allowed a trio of Fudokan members to wind up with a fourth.

Oliver Hopkins won all three of his individual events, then teamed with Yousuf Haddaw for a fourth victory on the day. Sanja Krco and Jayden Stillinger were third in their team kata, with Sanja taking bronze in all three other disciplines and Stillinger winning kata, plus taking second in both sparring events.

Morrison Bruke was the only other competitor to sweep their individual events. Other triple medalists included Sean Qulette (first in kata, second sparring and third weapons sparring), Wood Forrest (first in kata, second in both sparring events), Stefan Krco and Keids Kruk (third in team kata, Stefan second in kata and third in sparring and Kruk third in kata and second in sparring), Brandon Stillnger (first in kata, second in both sparring) and Bhanu Singhal (third in kata, second in both sparring events).

Double medalists were Anoushka Geakwad and Kyla Schafenberg, who teamed with for first in team kata and were first and second respectively in individual kata. Jim Hirserkorn won a kata.

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