May 11th, 2021

Millington meeting new demands ahead of second bout

By Sean Rooney on October 22, 2016.

At about 5-foot-6 and 113 pounds, Talia Millington is a lean, mean, kickboxing machine.

But for her next fight, the Medicine Hat woman needed to lose weight.

And that, more than Saturday’s opponent at the Journey Fight Series card in Calgary, was her biggest worry.

“This is a new one,” she said during a break between sparring at Southern Alberta Combative Arts Thursday. “Sweatsuit, I might be on a treadmill for a couple hours. That’s added a little stress to it.

“It’s definitely hard, it’s been on my mind the most.”

Cutting weight is common in any weight-bracketed sport, and kickboxing is no different. She’s agreed to fight at 110 pounds against Calgary’s Chanelle McLeod, so that’s what she needed to get down to.

It’s a bit of a hilarious prospect for someone already so fit, but she didn’t have to cut anything for her first fight this past spring. At Fists of Fury 12 in front of a home crowd, Millington beat Cora McEachern by unanimous decision. That fight was at 115 pounds.

As much as the cutting will be a new experience, McLeod will be stepping in the ring for the first time. So the Hat fighter might have an advantage.

“My mindset’s a lot different,” said Millington. “I’m nervous, obviously, but I’m more in control of it.

“It’s been a little bit nice, not having all the crazy buildup to it.”

Win or lose, it’s pretty early in her fighting career to say where she’ll go with it or how well she’ll turn out. But there are already a couple more bouts in the offing, one in November and another in December.

Continuing the process of being fight-ready has certainly made getting ready for this one easier.

“I learned just how much dedication it is, it’s an incredible sport,” she said. “You never realize how much it takes to make it those three rounds.

“I’ve done a few strength training phases at Temple Fitness, we did a phase for two months, then got back into the conditioning aspect of it.”

Eight fights are on the card, which takes place at Century Casino in Calgary. Millington and McLeod are slated to be the second fight of the night.

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