July 24th, 2021

Election win sinking in for Glasgo

By GILLIAN SLADE on April 26, 2019.

Brooks-Medicine Hat UCP candidate Michaela Glasgo poses for a photo with her niece and nephew on election night, Tuesday, April 16, 2019.


First-time MLA Michaela Glasgo is very much aware of being among a select group of people in Edmonton.

“It truly is an honour for me,” said Glasgo, the UCP’s newly elected MLA for Brooks-Medicine Hat.

After months of campaigning, even before the election was called, the orientation program for rookie MLAs on Wednesday required switching gears, said Glasgo, noting all the information has been valuable.

Entering the legislature provoked a range of emotions, she said.

“The biggest emotion is pride and I am very proud of the work that my team did and I am very grateful to them for helping me get to this point,” said Glasgo. “There’s also an element of excitement because the work is just the beginning.”

Glasgo says she is fully aware of the election commitments to follow through on.

She is not even thinking about a regular place to stay in Edmonton while the legislature is in session. Glasgo says most MLAs are staying in hotels and will take a little time to decide on any other alternatives.

“I don’t like to make any decisions rashly,” said Glasgo.

The swearing-in ceremony on Monday is only for the cabinet and Glasgo has no details yet about when she will be sworn in along with many others not in the cabinet.

“That date hasn’t been released yet. I’m not privy to that information at this time,” said Glasgo.

The first sitting of the legislature under the UCP government will commence in May.

“We have some really big bills on the table, the carbon tax repeal act … We need to hit the ground running, really,” said Glasgo.

In spite of so much to take in and learn about, Glasgo says she has a real sense of excitement and a little anxiety thinking about the robust platform for the UCP and all that needs to be accomplished.

After being sleep deprived during the election campaign there is not much time to catch up yet, said Glasgo.

“We had that week between the election and coming up here (to Edmonton). I think we’ll be pretty busy for the next four years,” said Glasgo. “I think sleep is a luxury that I’m no longer privy to, but that’s OK.”

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