July 24th, 2021

Campaigns have just three days to remove all election signs

By GILLIAN SLADE on April 18, 2019.

A few election signs still remain in some neighbourhoods.


It took several campaign teams to install thousands of election signs across two local ridings and now they have just a few days in which to remove them, according to Alberta Transportation regulations.

“Election signs are temporary signs and are only permitted from the date the election is called until three days after the election,” says Alberta Transportation online.

There are even details to be complied with regarding supporting structures for the signs.

“The removal should include the sign panel, supporting structure and any wiring used to install and support the sign,” Alberta Transport states. “Sign fragments (i.e., tie wires, posts), when not removed properly, may cause damage to highway maintenance equipment.”

Specifics include naming “campaign offices” as being responsible for installing and removing election signs.

There are some restrictions regarding signs, including a maximum size if placed on provincial property. Signs also have to be placed in such a way so as not to obstruct a view of the roadway and could not be placed on the poles for highway signs or sign posts. Another significant restriction is that they are not allowed within 500 metres of construction zones or within 50 metres of an intersection in an urban area.

The City of Medicine Hat has its own election campaign sign guidelines that fall under a couple bylaws. Specifically, signs are not permitted on electric lights or telephone poles. Signs are also not allowed in a park or environmental reserve. The city will remove signs immediately and the candidate is billed with the cost of doing so if they are a traffic hazard.

While we do not know how many elections signs were put in place during this provincial election, Drew Barnes, MLA elect for Cypress-Medicine Hat, told the News his team put 1,600 on display across the riding. They were in the process of removing them already on Wednesday morning, said Barnes.


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