March 21st, 2019

Liberals have candidate for Cypress-MH

By GILLIAN SLADE on March 15, 2019.

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Anwar Kamaran, (left) who is expected to be endorsed as the Alberta Liberal party's candidate for the Cypress-Medicine Hat riding, poses for a photo with leader of the party David Khan.

The Alberta Liberal party has a contestant in the Cypress-Medicine Hat riding expected to be endorsed Friday.

Anwar Kamaran is a business man in Walsh. He owns the local gas station on the Trans-Canada Highway in the community. He also runs a trucking company – Noah Trucking – that he established in Calgary before settling in Walsh.

Kamaran says he wanted to represent the Alberta Liberal party because he appreciates its integrity and its position on multiculturalism.

“My ideological beliefs is that everybody should be equal,” said Kamaran. “I’d like to do more to serve in this country.”

He arrived in Canada as an immigrant in 1996. Originally from Northern Iraq he is Kurdish and spent two years in a camp in Turkey before coming here on his own without any family.

It took a lot of hard work to learn to speak English and get established and that is a work ethic, he says, that will remain with him for life. He calls himself “lucky” to be here.

Having initially settled in Calgary, Kamaran moved with his wife, who was an elementary school teacher in Iraq, and two children to Walsh about six weeks ago.

Kamaran says Albertans all live privileged lives, have access to a good education, and could benefit by working together more. He believes a greater understanding of each other will facilitate this and help all accomplish more as a result.

At his gas station he has plenty of opportunity to talk with customers, many of whom are farmers and ranchers.

“I love farmers,” said Kamaran.

He says many Albertans were raised on farms or ranches themselves. Even those without personal experience of living on a farm there is often a farming heritage looking back a generation or two. That rich heritage has made Albertans who we are today, he says.

Kamaran believes there should be more support for farmers, particularly when they have been faced with a crisis and need to get on their feet again.

Climate change is also affecting farmers and ranchers, and Kamaran says the province needs to be aware of the impact this is having locally and support them.

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