March 21st, 2019

UCP candidate responds to independent’s jabs

By COLLIN GALLANT on March 14, 2019.

Michaela Glasgo announces in March 2018 her intention to seek the United Conservative Party nomination in Brooks-Medicine Hat. Glasgo says she and the UCP are the best choice for results riding and a conservative government as a whole. She made the comments after independent candidate Todd Beasley, who was removed from the UCP nomination race won by Glasgo, kicked off his campaign on March 12, 2019.

The entry of an “independent conservative” candidate in Brooks-Medicine Hat could make things more interesting, but the UCP’s Michaela Glasgo says she’s the best choice for voters looking to bring about a conservative government, as well as results for the riding.

That is in response to a report this week that a campaign kickoff was being planned by Todd Beasley, whose social media comments regarding Muslims led the party to remove him from its nomination process that Glasgo won last summer.

On Tuesday he said he had more experience and would be able to “speak his mind,” potentially to keep a UCP majority on an ultra-conservative track.

Glasgo said late Tuesday that the two-year-old party was formed with a unified goal of affecting change in government. That is her focus.

“We voted to bring Albertans together toward a common sense goal of getting Alberta back on track,” she stated. “I am committed to a positive campaign focused on issues that matter most to common, everyday Albertans.”

Beasley’s appearance on the ballot this spring could raise some questions for voters, or provide some points of attack for other parties’ candidates.

The party was put on the defensive last summer when party officials stated Beasley’s comments were hateful and his disqualification justified.

The comments stated Islam was “an evil cult” later saying he was responding to terrorist attacks and extremist messages he’d heard.

Other parties called it an example of the UCP drawing in those with fringe ideas and a failure of the party’s vetting process.

Again this week, Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel said the issue gives people more reason to consider his party’s candidate in the riding, Jim Black.

“It shows people that the far right are fighting again,” said Mandel, who visited Medicine Hat on Wednesday. “Jim is a well thought of, practical, community guy.”

Lynn MacWilliam, a Bassano town councillor, is representing the New Democrats. Party officials did not provide comment by press time on Wednesday.

This week Beasley said he considered the controversy over, and that voters should focus on his ability to work and get results for the riding. That, he said, made him a strong candidate and the best choice for conservatives.

Some of his supporters implied the nomination contest resulted in the party favourite winning out.

“Experience matters especially in Brooks-Medicine Hat,” he said in an apparent jab at Glasgo.

“There are only to of us” with a chance of winning, he told the News.

Glasgo, who graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2016, most recently worked at the constituency office of Cypress-Medicine Hat MLA Drew Barnes. She is also active in the federal conservative party association.

“My experience working in the public and, most recently, in the private sector, owning my own business, gives me the job specific work experience to hit the ground running as part of Jason Kenney’s team,” she said.

The United Conservative Party itself was formed after Leader Jason Kenney argued to the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties that vote splitting on the right led to the NDP winning government in 2015.

Beasley said he believes the NDP and other parties will poll so low in the region they have little chance of winning, and therefore are no threat of taking the seat or diminishing the UCP’s chances of forming government.

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2 Responses to “UCP candidate responds to independent’s jabs”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    I don’t think southern Albertans are as dumb as these people want them to be. Everything Kenney is offering will make the situation in this province a lot worse, and as much as we never ever expected to vote NDP everyone I talk to is happy that she is trying to fix the mess the phony conservatives, Reformers, created for us. We certainly aren’t going to get out of this mess following what Kenney is promising.

  2. Maurice Shabatsky says:

    Fedup, couldn’t agree more, unfortunately there’s a large mass of un-engaged and simply brain-dead voters in Alberta who see the word ‘conservative’ and think it actually means something. Because of their ideological myopia they simply don’t care that the RCMP is now investigating Jason Kenney’s sleazy kamikaze vote fixing scheme.
    They have no clue that Kenney’s been a career politician whose only accomplishment has been feeding at the public trough.
    These voters are too lazy to objectively look at his career trajectory or his record as Minister of Immigration.
    It’s not only Justin Trudeau who dresses up to buy votes; Kenney pioneered that art in Brampton and Bramalea back in the day.
    Kenney doesn’t care about Alberta; he’s in it for himself.

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