September 18th, 2019

100-mile bike riders rewarded for efforts

By Bobinec, Greg on June 17, 2019.

Greg Bobinec

Lethbridge Herald

Inclusion Lethbridge held its 11th annual 100-Mile Bike Ride Saturday, where riders were trucked to the B.C. border and rode all the way back to Galt Gardens.

Originally, the 100-Mile Bike Ride was created in partnership with Able Dental, and Inclusion Lethbridge has continued on with the legacy of the fundraiser to continue efforts to educate the community and foster inclusion in Lethbridge. While families of riders and community members waited for the bikers to make it back to the city centre, a Community Festival fundraiser with live music, barbeque and actives was happening in Galt Gardens to help raise funds for Inclusion Lethbridge’s operation costs.

“Today we have our 100-Mile Bike Race and community festivals, so we have six riders who are riding on a bicycle, 100 miles from the B.C border into Galt Gardens,” says Aileen Burke, community navigator with Inclusion Lethbridge.

“They left the park at 6:30 this morning and get back sometime this afternoon, with various stops along the way. Last year it rained the entire time so it was a little difficult to convince riders to join on this year, but every little bit counts so we are just thankful to anybody who comes down to support.”

Last year, about 60 riders were driven out to the B.C. border where they battled the weather throughout their journey. Last year’s conditions turned many riders away from this year’s event, leaving only six riders to make the 100-mile trek through the Prairies. 100-Mile Bike Ride veteran, and this year’s race winner, Scott Kluczny says he was really disappointed the Lethbridge biking community didn’t join Inclusion Lethbridge with the ride, and says it is one of the most unique rides in the area that people are ignoring due to possible weather.

“It was a great ride today and a beautiful and unique route to take because you don’t get very many opportunities as a rider to get transported out somewhere and you get to ride back,” says Kluczny. “For me it is a little embarrassing that the cycling community in Lethbridge doesn’t support this better, it was really disappointing. They are always hard to get through it, but I just wish more people supported this ride.”

The riders that did participate in the annual 100-Mile Bike Ride enjoyed a warm sunny day of friendly competition on the challenging terrain between the B.C. border and Galt Gardens.

Inclusion Lethbridge has supported individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in Southwestern Alberta for over 60 years. They are supported through volunteer fundraising and generous donations from individuals and community organizations. Inclusion Lethbridge would like to thank the riders and community members who came out to support their event.

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