August 21st, 2019

Lethbridge Twins & Triplets Club wins at 2019 Multiple Births Awareness Day

By Jensen, Randy on June 13, 2019.

Submitted by the Lethbridge Twins & Triplets Club

Lethbridge Twins & Triplets Club recently captured an award at the 2019 National Multiple Births Awareness Day celebration dubbed Multiples Daze in Edmonton.

Lethbridge Twins & Triplets Club received the Outstanding Multiples Award in the community award category at the event.

The award was handed out on June 1 also as part of this year’s TwinFest media launch, a one-day festival in Edmonton “aimed at building a vibrant and proud tradition of celebrating the best of twin cultures from around the world.”

Produced by Trebi Kuma Ollennu Foundation for Community Development, TwinFest is being held on July 13 with a parade featuring twins, triplets, quads, quints, and twin-troupes, car clubs, dance and martial arts groups followed by a festival with music, games and activities.

Multiple births families, car clubs and dance/martial arts companies are welcome to contribute to the social well-being of multiple births families by registering to participate in the parade on July 13 on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton at

National Multiple Births Awareness Day calls attention to the set of unique challenges multiple pregnancies and births present, especially increased susceptibility to postpartum depression, anxiety and mood disorders compared to parents of singletons. TKOFCD also organized a symposium in partnership with the University of Alberta and MacEwan University during the week of May 28 to explore better options, networks and solutions for the emotional, social and mental well-being of multiple births families.

National Multiple Births Awareness Day is the birthday of the famous Dionne quintuplets. The date was chosen by Multiple Births Canada – a recognized support organization for multiples in Canada with branches in cities across the provinces, including Lethbridge Twins & Triplets Club.

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